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TIPTON EFF-105SA PLUS, 2006, 2.7 CuFt, Semi-Automatic, separation mechanism


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General Specifications from Brochure

Polishing Theory and Structure of Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine

A rotating disc is situated at the bottom of a stationary tub. As the disc
rotates a centrifugal force is generated and the accelerated contents rise
upwards along the sidewall of the stationary tub. Then at the top dead center
the contents lose the upward acceleration and flow downwards like an eddy flow
due to the gravitational force. It is easy to operate and easily automated.
Due to inherent gap between rotating disc and tub walls special considerations
must be given to part and media selection for this type of processing.

Working Capacity 40-60% of Total Capacity
Provides results up to 15 times faster than Vibratory Finishing

Urethane Lined 105 Liter Processing Bowl
Clearance Control Gap to Maintain Critical Gap Integrity
Motorized Bowl Dump Feature for Quick Change Over
5.4 Hp Main Drive Motor
Variable Speed Drive for Increased Finishing Options
PLC Controlled w/ Touch Screen to Select Multiple Process Recipes
Automatic Compound Metering System
Automatic Tub Dumping
Automatic Rinsing Step
Automatic Draining
Automatic Integrated Parts/Media Separation Unit

Capacity: 105 Liter (3.9 cubic feet)
Working capacity: 66 Liters (2.3 cubic feet)
Internal barrel Diameter: 698 mm (27.5")
Loading Height of Workpieces: 1266 mm (49.8")
Unloading Height of Workpieces: 339 mm (13.3")
Motor: 5.4 HP
Voltage: 208 to 480 V

Machine: 76" x 70" x 68.5" 1,911 lbs

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