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Mycrona, Primus BL, Rotary Table, 3-D, 4-Axis, Analog Camera, Like New


General Specifications As Per Brochure:
Measurement Range: 11.8" x 5.9" x 5.9"
E1 = +/- (0.000091 + L/6)in
E2 = +/- (0.000109 + L/6)in
E3 = +/- (0.000130 + L/4)in L=measurement length in inches
Pentium/AMD System PC
Min. 160GB Hard Disk
Min. 1 GB Memory
Keyboard, Mouse
Dimensions Operator's Terminal: 47.28"w x 31.52"d x 29.55"h
Dimensions Electronic Container: 21.67"w x 31.52"d x 22.46"h
Resolution of Glass Scales: 0.1 um
Max. Positioning Speed: 7.88"/Sec.
Max. Acceleration: 39.4" / Sec. Sq.
Image Size (XY in Pixel): 740 x 576
Touch Trigger Probe TP 200:
Probing Direction: 6Way: +/-X,+/-Y,+/-Z
3D Measuring Accuracy: +/-0,5um (measured w/ 10mm Stylus)
Electrical Power: 230V +/- 5% bei 50-60 Hz
Fuses: 16 A slow blow
Power Consumption: 1500 VA
Machine Dimensions (Approx.): 15.76" x 15.76" x 5.91"
Weight (Approx.): 3319 Lbs.
Equipped with (must be verified by buyer):
3.5" 4th Axis Rotary Table
Multisensor Measurement Software PCDMIS Pro Vision Upgraded to CAD

(Verision 4.3)

Microsoft Windows, Windows XP & Windows 2000
Form & Positioning Tolerances
Snap Shot Function - the image from the CCD camera is digitally stored on

the hard disk
CNC controlled system
Analog Camera
CNC Control Zoom Optics
Renishaw Touch Probe (TP-200);

For Service Call Hexagon Metrology

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