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ABB Quintus Fluid Cell Press, Model QFC 1.1 x 3.0 – 1400 / 68000 ton press force, 1400 bar / 20,000 psi forming pressure


ABB Quintus Fluid Cell Press
Model: QFC 1.1 x 3.0 – 1400
Stock #: 20149-IS
NEW: 1990

Operating Pressure: Programmable up to 20,000 psi
Press Tables: Two (2) with independent operator control stations
Press Table Dimensions: 1.1 m x 3.0 m (43.3” x 118.1”) useable
Press Table Depth (maximum): 254 mm (10.4”)
Press Cycle Time: 135 seconds to full pressure - shorter cycle times with tray filler plate (included) installed to reduce depth of tray
Press Frames: Pre-stressed, wire-wound forged main cylinder and end frame
Fluid Cell Design: Cassette type w. repairable natural rubber fluid cell
Fluid Cell Change System: Semi-automatic – change over in one shift

Press details including weights, measures and foundation requirement available upon request
Press wear pad automatic pick-up & roll-up system included
Safety interlocks with full sound enclosure
Full compliment of spare parts
All drawings plus manuals for maintenance, operation and forming techniques
Press design and features are near or equivalent to present QFC press system technology
Press has clear service record and in excellent condition
Experienced re-installation and start-up services available; OEM supported

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