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Crest - Forward Technology SA Prime Solvent Ultrasonic Cleaning System,10x10x12"


System operated in clean room environment for very clean processing.
System was third party certified for use with flammable solvents such as IPA,

Cyclohexane or can be used for HFE's HCFC's new generation safety solvents.

It is completely enclosed, includes internal automation and is provided with

two reverse flow cascade ultrasonic sumps followed by a super-heated dryer

shelf to flash residual solvent before exiting the cleaning system.

Tank size is 12"x18" with 10" Liquid depth.
Includes multiple process cleaning baskets.

Replacement cost is $200,000.00


Equipped with (buyer to verify details):
CTC Parker PLC Control
(4) Baskets
Scorpio Fire Suppression System

Tank cap 12"x18"x10" liquid depth
Basket Size 8.25 x 8.25 x 10"
Distillation rate 5
Boiling Heat 1200w
Load Cap 130 lbs/hr
Solvent Cap 9 gal
Crest Ultrasonic Cleaner units: 58 KHz each

Electrical: 480V / 3 phase / 60Hz
Largest Load Current: 60 amp
Interrupted Cap: 60 amp

Removed from an R&D labratory facility

Designed for....
This Forward Technology SA Series (Model 2/18/12) Solvent Precision

Ultrasonic Automated Cleaner System was used by a hard drive manufacturing

company to automatically clean parts with Acetone. The system can be used with

a variety of solvents including HFC, JCFC, HFT, PFC and others. And its

designed for use with low flash point solvents such as isopropyl alcohol,

acetone and cyclohexane. Properly equipped this system is designed to meetin

the most stringent SCAQMD requirements for solvent emissions. This is a high

end cleaning system with alot of features.

Enclosure Dimensions: 55"D x 125"W x 89" high
Sealed PLC Controlled Load Lock loading chamber allowing for parts
insertion and removal without vapor emission or operator exposure.
PLC Controlled process automation with 75 pound load capacity and variable
speed operation.
Stainless Steel Construction with all components which contact solvent
are 316 and all structural components are 300-series SS.
True Superheat Drying achieves temperatures 50 deg F above solvent
boiling point to shorter drying time. Superheat also reduces drag
out and vapor emissions.
CAE Blackstone Ultrasonics integrated to ensure excellent cavitation
and ensure complete parts cleaning.

Machine: 93" x 64" x 91" 5,000 lbs

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