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MTR CNC, Turn-Mill Index Table w/Siemens 840 D CNC, 200 ton table capacity.


MTR CNC, Turn-Mill Index Table
Stock#: 60395-SB
Year: New 2006


Table diameter: 16 ft.
Table height: 45”
Table Capacity: 200 Ton
Bearing: Hydrostatic
Track Diameter: 116” Dual Track
Ring Gear Size: 177.3 Pitch Diameter
Gear Rating: 4,500,000 Lb. In.
Table speed: .00015 to .5 RPM
Table traverse: 1 RPM
Table Drive Motors (2): In Anti Backlash Mode
Accuracy: +/- 5 sec


The bed is a large heavy wall meehanite casting fully stress relieved consisting of ribs which tie the extra heavy center post support column to the full depth annular bearing support wall. The bed structure is designed to transfer all table and work loads directly to the foundation without distortion at the bearing area.

To further support the bed and bearing arrangement B W Fixator type leveling devices are used to form the load transfer link between the bed and foundation proper. Fixators are a combination hold down and leveling system which enables bed and table leveling without distortion or structure internal stressing. The hold down feature assures permanent retention of machine position even under severe work conditions. The Fixators are positioned directly under vertical load carrying sections in sufficient numbers to provide uniform load distribution on the foundation well within the stress characteristics of the fixators themselves. Note: Fixators are not included in our price.

The table is a meehanite casting fully stress relieved. The construction consists of pie shaped sections with full depth ribs.

The ribs run radially from the center bearing post section to the circumferential outside rim. A flange extends from the outside table rim inward toward the table center. Along with the table top this construction forms the rigid structure required to properly transfer work loads through the bearings into the bed section. The table top has four (4) pair of machined parallel tee slots 1” wide on 5" centers at 90 degree increments plus (20) radial T slots equally spaced. The underside of the table is machined to accept a labyrinth dust shield to minimize contamination of ring gear and bearing lube oil.

Table Bearings
Arrangement consists of a centerpost with upper thrust bearing to keep table deflection to a minimum and a cylindrical roller bearing with a taper bore. The main thrust bearing is a 116” diameter hydrostatic dual track bearing designed for maximum weight carrying capacity. A lift sensor system is incorporated to insure the table has adequate lift prior to rotation.

The centerpost is provided with a Heidenhain RON 905 encoder for table position feedback to the CNC control.

A remotely located reservoir, pump and motor provide the source for thrust bearing lubrication, center post lubrication and table drive gearing. A new chiller system will be incorporated to control the hydrostatic oil temperature.

Table Drive
Table drive is through a large diameter heat treated alloy steel helical ring gear mounted on the underside of the table. This gear will be designed new to match the power required for cutting a 46’ gear.

The table is driven by carburized, hardened and ground dual helical pinions to mate with the ring gear in an anti-backlash format. The pinions are driven by high efficiency reducers and AC Digital Servo motors

These pinions are mounted to a drive box which is accessible from the outside of the bed.


Siemens 840 D CNC
• MTR has installed a Siemens 840D CNC control. This control is a modular digital 32-bit microprocessor CNC continuous-path control with an integrated, powerful PLC.

• Listed below are additional features included with the standard features.
- Part Program Memory 500KB

CNC Control Placement
The SINUMERIK 840D NCU is mounted in the main power panel.
Operator’s Station

The operators control is mounted in a console.

Operator’s Station Components

Mounted in the new operators station will be the following machine control components.

SINUMERIK OP 010C operator panel front with 10.4" TFT color display with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels (VGA) features a 65 key mechanical keypad with 8 + 4 horizontal and 8 vertical soft keys. The 6 hotkeys are designed with replaceable key covers for machine specific adaptation. At the lower right hand corner is a USB port for connection of external devices.

PERSONAL COMPUTER UNIT - SINUMERIK PCU 50 is mounted inside the operator’s station on the rear of the OP 010C operator panel. The high-performance SINUMERK PCU 50 features onboard interfaces for communication via Ethernet, MPI and PROFIBUS DP, leaving the integrated slots free for other cards.

• New Intel technology 566 MHZ with 256 MB RAM.
• Replaceable hard disk with transport mechanism 10 GB (3 GB for user data and 1.8 GB for local backups)
• Graphics: UXGA LCD controller at AGP bus.
• Windows XP Pro embedded system operating system.
• Data backup / restore using Ghost data backup software.
• Ports
Ethernet 10/100 Mbits/s (RJ45)
USB, 2 channels (1 x internal / 1 x external), USB 1.1
COM 1 (v.24), COM 2 (v.24), LPT 1, VGA
PS/2 keyboard
PS/2 mouse
MPI interface
External disk drive
• Expansion slots
1 x PCI 3/4 length, 265 mm (10.43")
1 x PCI/ISA (shared) short 170 mm (6.69")
1 x PC card type III

Machine Control Panel - below the operator’s panel will be mounted a SINUMERIK MCP 483C machine control panel that permits user friendly operation of the machine functions. All keys are designed with replaceable key covers for machine specific adaptations. Listed below are the remaining features of the machine control panel.

• Mode and function keys.
50 keys of which 48 have LEDs.
Direct keys for milling machines with rapid traverse override (key covers on the direction keys for milling machines in the accessories pack supplied).
17 user labeled standard keys.
• Spindle control with override spindle (rotary switch with 16 positions)
• Feed control with override feed / rapid traverse (rotary switch with 23 positions).
• Key switch (4 positions and 3 different keys).
• Emergency stop button (2 NC).
• Mechanical keys.
• MPI interface.
• Expansion facility: 2 slots for control devices 16 mm / 0.63 inches.

ELECTRONIC HANDWHEEL – this encoder generates signals which correspond to the movements of the hand wheel as it is turned. The axis selected via the control can be positioned. This will be used for set up and manual axis positioning.

MINI HANDHELD UNIT – This unit is on a coil cord and attaches to the main control panel allowing access to the machines work area for set up and manual positioning of machine axes. The unit has a rapid traverse key and 2 +/- keys plus a hand wheel for traversing the axes are provided in addition to the 2-channel emergency stop and enabling buttons. Connection to the emergency stop is via 4 wires and the enabling buttons via 3 wires. With a rotary switch, up to 5 axes can be selected. For customer specific applications, 3 function keys are provided for optional assignment.

Machine Tool Research has Siemens Step 7 Software that we use to configure your control. You will not need your own copy of this software as a user version comes embedded in the control which allows you to do full trouble shooting and analysis using the machine control. This allows you to look at the ladder diagrams and monitor inputs and outputs.

Input and Output Modules
Siemens S7-300 AC and DC input and output modules will be supplied and mounted in new main panel.

Axes Drives
Axes drives are Siemens modular 611 drive system with all drives being mounted in the main power panel. The modular system consists of the following components.

MAIN POWER SUPPLY – 1 Siemens infeed / regen main power module and supply bus. This is sized to power the CNC control and all 611 drive modules.

SERVO MOTORS - 2 Siemens 1FT6 AC servo motors for the B axes.

SERVO DRIVES – 2 Siemens 2 axis AC SIMODRIVE 611.

Axis Position Feedback
For B axis position feedback we will install a new Heidenhain RON 905 on the table. The existing X & Y axis Heidenhain scales will be utilized.

Main Power Panel
Includes, CNC, drives with air conditioned panel.

• Incoming power is 460V, 3PH, 60HZ

Electrical Standards
All electrical components and wiring supplied by MTR will be in compliance with NFPA #79, NEC and standards.

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