WEILER E70 X 3000 / SL2-216مخارط CNC

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WEILER CYCLE-CONTROLLED PRECISION LATHES Cost-effective and efficient for one-off and small batch production. As simple as an engine precision lathe and as versatile as a CNC lathe. For general mechanical engineering, tool, jig, fixture and mould making, the energy and environmental sector, medical engineering, the extraction industry, maintenance and repair workshops, as well apprenticeships and vocational training. The advantages of cycle-controlled precision lathes: • Rapid implementation from the drawing to the finished workpiece • Optimum ergonomics and accessibility for the operator • Extremely short set-up times • Generously sized working areas with a minimum footprint • Increased acceptance criteria ensure the highest possible precision of the turned parts


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ماكس RPM
1120 rpm
28.35 "
بالقطع طول
118.1 "

Technical Data:
Working Range:
Center distance: 3000 mm
Swing over bed: 720 mm
Swing over cross slide: 430 mm
Travel of cross slide: 410 mm
Width of bed: 480 mm
Cross section of turning tool (height x width): 32 x 25 mm

Main Spindle:
Spindle nose acc. to DIN 55026 (DIN ISO 702-1): Size 15
Spindle diameter in front bearing: 280
Spindle bore: 216
Inside taper of the main spindle: 220 metric

Main Drive:
AC drive with 2 gear steps
Drive power at 60% / 100% duty cycle: 37 / 30 kW
Total speed range: 1-900 rpm
Speed range - gear step I: 1-280 rpm
Speed range - gear step II: 4-900 rpm
Max. torque at the main spindle: 4300 Nm

Feed Drive:
Three phase digital servo drives
Feed force longitudinal: 20000 N
Feed force transverse: 10000 N
Feed range longitudinal and transverse: 0.001-50 mm/rev
Time feed: 0.001-10000 mm/min
Rapid motion longitudinal / transverse max.: 10/7 / 5 mm/min

Thread Range:
Metric threads: 0.1-2000 mm
Inch threads: 112-1/64 TPI
Modular threads: 0.05-56 mm
Diametral threads: 448-0.05 DP
Number of thread courses: 360 max

Quill diameter: 115 mm
Quill travel: 225 mm
Inside taper of quill: 6 MT

Weight :
Machine without additional accessories: 6900 kg

Length (without chip conveyor): Center distance plus 2300 mm
Width: 2500 mm
Height: 1950 mm

Standard Colour:
Machine upper area: Light grey RAL 7035
Machine subbase / Bed / Slide: Basalt grey RAL 7012
Control operating panel: White aluminum RAL 9006
Slide operating panel: Blue NCS S 4550-R80B

Equipped with:
-Four-way quick-change tool post Parat size 4 with internal coolant supply, incl. operating key and 1 off tool holder WD 4/40 (instead of quick-change tool post Multi Suisse size C and 1 off turning tool holder CD 32170)
-Electromagnetic brake for main spindle operated via switch or programmable, incl. bolt
circle cycle, positioning accuracy +/- 0.1 degree holding torque 500 Nm
-4 Jaw Pratt Bernerd King Bore 23.62" A2-15 Chuck with 10.51" Bore
-Boring bar holder removeable on cross slide, diameter 100 mm clamping length 292
-Quills with roller jaws, diameter 20-220 mm set = 3 pieces (for exchange)
-Chip conveyor R.H. discharge, discharge heigth 1250 mm for center length 3000 mm
-Coolant pump with increased capacity two-speed motor, 380-420 V, pressure max. 12 bar 20 l/min at 2 bar, 30 l/min at 10 bar, for 50 cycles
-Splash guard width 800 mm, suspended on the left of standard moveable hood
-Steady rest with roller jaws diameter 220-400 mm rear quill adjustable from the front

Subassemblies of the machine:
- Torsionally rigid bed made of high quality grey cast iron
- Hardened and finest ground guideways
- Box-type feet bolted on with openings for chip conveyor

- High accuracy and rigidity of the main spindle due to precision angular ball bearings
- Switching of the 2 mechanical gear steps via one single lever
- Circulating lubrication with separate oil pump, oil tank and pressure switch

- Long uninterrupted cross slide with adjustable taper gib
- Carriage with coated sliding, hardened cross slide guideway
- Longitudinal and transverse drives effected by controllable three-phase digital servo drives connected to precision ball screws with pre-loaded precision ball nuts -Operation of feed and rapid traverse via a 4-way "joystick" type switch lever
- Manual encoders in connection with incremental feed rate selector switch
- Automatic central lubrication of guideways and ball screw nuts
- Solid block equipped with quick-change tool post size C
- Safety switch lever for main spindle L.H./R.H. rotation

- Easy positioning due to spring loaded rollers and manual slide coupling
- Adjustment of the quill via hand wheel with graduated ring
- I.D. quill taper with twist stop and ejection slot

Electric Equipment:
- Operating voltage 400 V / 50 cycles
- Control voltage 24 V DC
- Supply voltage 230 V / 50 cycles
- Three-phase digital servo drives with digital converter system Sinamics S120
- Absolute encoder in both axis
- Power load meter of main drive in %
- Electric system in accordance with VDE 0100/0113
- High safety standard via double monitoring of the main spindle and axes (Safety Integrated)
- Connection with earthing or isolation transformer
- e-TIM consisting of:
* Timer controlled standby function: Automatically shifts machine into standby mode as per pre-programmed interval
* Intelligent drive management: Built-in brake energy recovery system
* Machine status energy management: Automatically shifts secondary devices that have not been in use into standby mode

- Siemens control Sinumerik 840D sl, PC based, with user-friendly WEILER software "SL2"
- 15" TFT color flat screen display
- Teach-in functions and programming
- Graphically supported contour programming with automatic intersection point calculation
- Automatic tool angle control (Check of contour infringement)
- Profile grooving cycle
- Parallel programming during machining
- USB interface
- Network interface
- Alphanumerical keyboard with short-stroke keys
For additional information please refer to the detailed "Cycle description SL2".

- According to DIN 8605 (tool makers accuracy)

Standard Equipment:
- Back plate at the rear of the spindle DIN 55026 size 15 with electric monitored chuck guard max. swing diameter 690 mm
- Chip dash panel
- Movable hood with scratch resistant multilayer safety glass pane
- Chuck splash guard with limit switch protection
- Quick-change tool post Multi Suisse size C incl. 1 off turning tool holder CD 32170
- LED Working area lighting in chip dash panel and movable hood
- Coolant attachment (30 liters/min. at 3.5 bar)
- Taper sleeve for main spindle MT6
- Male center MT6
- Elapsed time hour meter
- Sealing plug for main spindle bore
- Set of wrenches

- Instruction manual incl. spare parts catalogue on paper and data carrier
- Machine record card

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