SUMMIT 38-12 X 120حقل نفط ومخارط المغزل الجوف

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30 يوم


RARE OPPORTUNITY - This is an original "Classic" PA-Series Summit Oilfield Lathe built by the Potisje factory in former Yugoslavia/Croatia. Condition is excellent - this has been a "sleeper"! Fully equipped with automatic thread cutting cycle, infinitely variable spindle speeds, heavy duty taper attachment, front and rear 4-jaw chucks, DRO, steady rest, etc.


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39.5 "
120 "
ثقب عامود الدوران
12.38 "
30 hp
180 rpm
207 x 72 x 76
24,000 LBS

Swing over bed: 39-1/2”
Swing over crosslide: 28-3/4”
Swing in gap: 51-1/8”
Length of gap (in front of spindle nose): 25-5/8”
Width of bedway: 25-5/8”
Max distance between centers: 120”
Spindle bore: 12-3/8”
Spindle nose: A1-20
Spindle speeds: 4.5-180 RPM (2-Range Infinitely Variable)
Feeds, longitudinal: 0.002 - 0.220 IPR (42)
Feeds, cross: 0.001 - 0.110 IRP (42)
Threading range, inch: 64 – 9/16 TPI (64)
Threading range, metric: .75 - 64 mm (36)
Rapid Traverse: 96”/min
Tailstock Taper / Quill diameter: MT#6; 4-3/4”
Tailstock quill travel: 14-3/8”
Main motor: 30 HP
Electrics: 480V, 3 PH, 60
Weight: 24,000 LBS
Dimensions: 206” x 73” x 66”

Equipped With:
12-3/8” Spindle Bore
Rear spindle flange with A1-20 / 12-3/8”” for direct mount of rear chuck
32” Bison HK30-8563225 Front-mounted Oil Country 4-Jaw Chuck, 12.5” hole; Forged Steel Body; 2-piece jaws; A-20 direct mount
25” Rear-mounted 4-Jaw Chuck
Automatic Thread Cutting Attachment – Operator Controls at Apron
Taper attachment
Rapide Quick-change Toolpost with approximately 10 tool holders
Heavy Duty Roller Jaw Steady Rest 2”-15-3/4” capacity
Lower Guideway (3-ways total for saddle/carriage support)
Mitutoyo Digital Readout
Infinitely Variable Spindle Speeds with Operator Controls at Headstock and Apron
4-Way Rapid Traverse; Spindle Jog; Spindle Brake (on/off)
Front and Rear Chuck Guards
Chip Trays and Coolant Pump
Machine Lamp

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