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FMB Minimag 20, 2mm to 20mm x 12', for Fixed or Sliding Headstock


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0.7874 "
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12.47 '

Specification from OEM Brochure (All details should be confirmed by buyer

Technical Specifications:
Bar diameter capacity: 2mm to 20mm (.078" - .787")
Max. bar length: 3800mm (12' 5")
Min. bar length: 10000mm (39.4")
Magazine remnant length: 420mm (16.5")
Magazine rack capacity: 7"
Bar loading cycle time: 17 seconds for 12' bar
Material straightness specification: .007" TIR/foot of material
(V blocks, 3 points equidistant)
Feed force (pusher torque): max. 300 N, adjustable
Forward feed rate: 710 IPM, adjustable
Return feed rate: 1420 IPM, adjustable
Power consumption: 1.5 kw
Operating voltage: 230V/60HZ 3-phase
Control voltage: 24V DC
Oil capacity: 50 liters (13.2 gallons)
Oil viscosity: ISO 100 cST
Compressed air supply: 6 bar (90 psi)
Compressed air consumption: approx. 3 liters per loading cycle

Originally configured for a Tsugami BE12 CNC Swiss

Equipped With:
Guide Channel Set FMB Mini Mag 220 D07 A/D L3800 (W/Bar Pusher)
Telescoping Nose

Barfeed: 222" x 23.5" x 49.5" 1,650 lbs
Pallet for barfeed if ships that way: 210" x 34" x 8"

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