Bores between 63 to 177mm (2.5 - 7ins) diameter, can Hone Cylinders up to 3.25 mtrs long, has powerfull 7KW motors for both rotation & Honing, overall length of machine is 10.75 mtrs, the last picture shows the machine when first delivered to present owners 10 yrs ago , later pictures show machines present combination with Philips Oil Filtration System which was added to the machine on delivery to present owners to remove any microns of metal to improve quality of honing for the oil & gas industry for which it was purchased 10yrs ago but which shortly after a couple of yrs this industry went ino recession making the machine redundent & gathering dust , hence the reason for selling, pictures show the Steadies (2), the main motor (original yellow colour), etc, it may look a bit untidy that is because o=it has lain idle for past couple of yrs gathering dust, but the machine is in Absolute Perfect Working order, the oil filtration unit may be removed or repositioned, present owners only used it for short lengths of honing,, the price is 12k euroes or best offer, ex Dublin, can be seen under power 30mins from Dublin Airport, U can call me anytime/day.


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