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ST 2
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Diamond burnishing tool ST-2 is used for finishing the surface of steels, stainless steels, cast iron, alloy workparts . The tool can be installed into small size CNC machine or mini CNC. Tool version - adjustable burnishing force model , for processing various parts. Loading tuning device is purchased separately, or we can adjust loading for your single workpiece Workpart shapes - cylinder, body of rotation, plain body, spherical part Workpiece diameter up to 150 mm (if larger diameter can be customized) Toolholders 16x16, 20x20, 25x25, 32x32 (can be customized ) Indenters made of natural diamond. The tool completely replaces the grinding and polishing machines. The tool kills costs for personnel, grinding machines, consumables, re-installation of parts and re-basing. During processing, the roughness is smoothened to the level Ra = 0.2 ..... 0.05 um in one or two passes Can be used on CNC machines/universal lathes. To obtain a stable micro profile of a surface , we recommend to use ST-2 on machines that can provide finishing turning! Materials: any structural steel max HRC 62, stainless steel, alloys Roughness before processing: no more than Ra = 1.25 microns Example of parts - hydraulic cylinder rods, valve spindle, heel of a submersible pump, shafts, shaft surfaces for bearings, valves, sleeves, b

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