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ONE (1) NEW TAI YUAN SNUGGERY 600-3000X25.4mm X12M Hydrostatic Tester For Spiral Pipe 1. Technical parameter Pipe OD: Φ600-3000mm Wall thickness: 4-25.4mm Pipe length: 8-12.5M Nominal testing capacity: 2000 ton Max. Testing pressure: 21 MPa Pressure holding time: 5--30 sec Pressure fluctuation: 0~0.5 MPa Testing productivity: 2(Φ3000)~5(Φ600) piece/hour Main cylinder: Φ1000/Φ800X1500mm Moving cylinder: Φ160/ Φ120 X 1500mm 2 sets Tensile beam cross-section dimension: 800X250 m2 4 beams Sealing type: end face sealing Polyurethane sealing ring 2. Structure and introduction The hydro-tester consists of main body machine, pipe clamping device, pipe pulling out device, water system, hydraulic system, electrical system and so on. A. The hydro-tester body machine is the main equipment, which consists of four pieces of rectangular straining beam, fixed test head device, moving test head device and so on. The rectangular straining beam is welding assembly which can load the main axial force during the testing process. The moving test head can move along the railway at the end of rectangular straining beam according to the pipe length. There are many holes on the railway in order to lock the moving test head before testing work. The fixed test head is consist of body box(1 set), front test head(1 set), low-pressure water filling valve(1 set), unloading valve(1 set), low-pressure water inflowing pipe, sealing-head(1 set), high-pressure water inflowing pipe and so on. The moving test head contains body box (1set), main hydraulic cylinder (1set), test head (1set), moving hydraulic cylinder (2sets), hydraulic station (1set), hydraulic motor moving device (1set), lock pin and so on. The test head is consist of sealing-head and air-release valve, according to the different pipe length the test head should move to the required position by hydraulic cylinder and locked by pins. After locked the moving test head, the back test head can move forward or backward by two smaller cylinders. During the testing process, the main hydraulic cylinder will load the main axial force in order to prevent the bending or damage situation of pipe, the pressure of main hydraulic cylinder will goes up following with water pressure automatically by hydraulic proportional relief valve, and the factor of proportionality is adjustable. In order to prevent too much hydraulic piping and long traveling distance, the hydraulic station will fixed on the back of test head body box. B. Pipe clamping device (2 sets) It consists of fixed base, guide rod, moving base, V roller, lifting hydraulic cylinder and so on. The V roller installs on the moving base, through changing the block under the V roller in order to meet the different pipe size. When the testing pipe moves onto V roller, the lifting device will lift the pipe to the center-line, the front and back test head move into pipe, upper clamping device moves down, after testing the upper clamp device move up and under clamp device move down. C. Pipe pulling out device It consists of up and down pulling out device. After the testing process finished, the pipe will be pull out by this device without any jam which can prevent the pipe stocking in the sealing groove. D. Water system Centrifugal pump: Q=400 m2/h H=32 m 2 sets N=55 KW n=1450r/min E. Hydraulic system It consists of two hydraulic stations including moving test head station and main station. Moving test head hydraulic station: It consists of two sets of independent hydraulic system, the first one is transmission system including: moving the back test head forward or backward, inserting or pulling out the lock pin, driving hydraulic motor for moving test head, opening or closing air release valve; another one is proportional balancing tracking system. These two systems share the same oil box and fixed on the back of test head. Main hydraulic station It consists of oil box, main oil pump, cooler, oil filter, air filter, liquid level relay, thermometer, electrical heater, valve control stand and so on. This system controls moving clamping device, stopper device, pipe moving device, low-pressure water filling valve, and unloading valve. The controlling flow of these valve is not so big, but the pressure could not have volatility otherwise it will interference the normal work of whole machine. F. Electrical system It consists of low-voltage distribution control system, PLC control system, operating display system, hydro-testing monitoring system and so on. The low-voltage distribution control system consists of two sets of MCC cabinets which uses standard cabinet type. The motors under 30KW employs DC starting, the motors under 45KW use star delta starting. PLC control system consists of one set of PLC cabinet which is the hard-core of whole system, the brand is SIEMENS. The operating display system consists of one set of operating desk. The selection switch can choose manual or semi-automatic mode function. There are two pieces of digital display that is used for displaying the pressure of oil and water. The TD200 is used for modifying water filling time and hold-up time and the balance coefficient according to the different pipe size. The hydro-testing monitoring system is used for time monitoring the pressure of on-site situation, it has the follow functions: pressure setting, hold-up time setting, max Hold-up pressure setting, min Hold-up pressure setting, actual water pressure recording, displaying the pressure curve during testing process, saving the testing record and checking the detail message after testing finished, printing out the testing record about all of the testing pipes, data backup for monthly. 3. Hydro-testing process description: Process: pipe loading → pipe clamping → hydro-testing →pipe loosening → pipe running off Before testing start the oil pump at first, according to the pipe size and testing pressure, move the moving test head to the specified position and lock the pins, at the same time select the right seal-ring and fix it, lift up clamping device, set the testing pressure on the operating desk. Confirm the pipe center-line match with center-line of machine, back test head move forward to the position, clamp the pipe then, at the same time start to fill water into pipe, close the filling valve and air release valve and unloading valve after air releasing completely, start booster pump to reach testing pressure and begin hold-up process, at the same time the computer start to record pressure curve, after time out the unloading valve will unload and air release valve will open, air release completely, then move back testing head backward, move pipe out of seal ring, lift down pipe to the support table and then drop off. The hydro-tester also has manual operation, semi-automatic testing, and pipe pulling function 4. Main characteristics The main body machine uses rectangular beam and frame structure, the rectangular beam and fixed end and moving end will load the main tension force. The fixed end fulls water, the moving and fixed both ends exhaust air. The lifting height of pipe can be adjusted according to the pipe size. The pipe clamping device uses under chucks, the extending length of chuck can be adjusted according to the pipe size, and the clamping device can move in order to extract the pipe out of testing head. The hydraulic system uses proportional relief valve to control the pressure of main hydraulic cylinder in order to balance with water pressure inside the pipe. It is automatic control about testing pressure and holding time, the digital parameter will display on the monitor and can be adjusted by operator on the operating desk. The hold-up process will be recorded in the computer and printed out at any time, the record will show the curve of pressure and hold-up, at least 5000 pieces of pipe record can be stored in the computer. 5. Supply Scope: 5.1 Supply range: No. Name Nu. Re. 1 Testing body 1 Including tensile beams, testing heads, pipe supporters, pipe clampers, pipe receivers and pullers. 2 End face seal device 1 Including Ф600, Ф720, Ф820, Ф920, Ф1020, Ф1220, Ф1420, Ф1620, Ф1820, Ф2032, Ф2540, Ф3000mm sealing rings and grooves. 3 Pipe clamping and pulling out device 1 Including pipe clamping and pulling out devices. 4 Low pressure water system 1 Including low pressure pumps, piping, valves. 5 High pressure water system 1 Including high pressure pump, piping, valves. 6 Hydraulic system 1 Including hydraulic station, group valve, piping, joint, excluding oil and cooling piping. 7 Electrical system 1 Including cabinet, operating desk, PLC. 8 Dynamic display and printing system 1 Including computer, printer, control software. 9 Embedded part 1 Supply drawing 6. Net Price: FOB China Port US$ T B A 7. Deliver time: within six (6) months of receipt of purchase order and initial receipt of deposit Payment terms (Irrevocable-confirmed and transferable letter of credit): • Thirty-percent (30%) with the purchase order • Thirty-percent (30%) within on-hundred-twenty (120) days of order placement and initial deposit; • Thirty-five-percent (35%) prior to shipment; and • Five-percent (5%) after arrival at customer plant facility or within two-hundred-seventy (270) days from purchase order placement. 8. Others: service of installation & commissioning will be discussed later if necessary. These temporary technical specifications are correct to the best of our knowledge, obtained from sources deemed reliable, and are subject to change and amplification. All parts and accessories normally included when purchasing a new machine are not included in this sale unless specifically detailed in this quotation. Machines which we offer for sale do not conform to OSHA standards. Safety features, as required by OSHA, must be added by the purchaser before the machine is put into operation. However, it is your responsibility to inspect the machine prior to the sale to confirm accuracy. If you require additional information, please contact us. CROWN HOLLANDER INTERNATIONAL INC. CONDITIONS OF SALE ACCEPTANCE: The goods being offered herein are subject to prior sale and are intended for immediate acceptance. By the issuance of a purchase order, Buyer accepts completely and exclusively the terms and conditions herein, which constitute the entire contract. Crown Hollander International Inc (“CHII”) shall not be bound by any other terms contained within the Buyer’s purchase order or any other document which attempts to impose conditions at variance with terms and conditions of this quotations unless said variance is specially agreed to in writing by a duly authorized officer of CHII. All quotations and acceptances of orders are made with the mutual understanding that the orders are not subject to cancellation. The shipping date is approximate only and may be subject to delays and availability of goods. This agreement shall be an ONTARIO contract and shall be interpreted and administered for all purposes under the laws of the PROVINCE of ONTARIO. The covenants expressed herein shall be severable, and the invalidity, now or in the future, of any of the covenants recited herein shall not affect the validity of the remaining covenants. TERMS: Terms are cash with order and before removal of goods, unless otherwise agreed to in writing. It is understood that there are no conditions or agreements outside of this written quotation and that all prior conversations, agreements, or representations with reference to its subject matter are superseded. All sales are subject to applicable Federal, Provincial, State, and local use, sales and excise taxes which the Buyer agrees to pay, and which may be billed as part of the selling price, or separately, if CHII is required by any taxing authority to collect and pay such a tax. A one-percent (1%) monthly service charge will be added to all balances past due from the date of delivery. TITLE: Where less than the entire purchase price (including taxes) is to be paid prior to delivery, title shall not pass to Buyer with delivery of the above personal property, but shall remain vested in CHII until the entire purchase price (including taxes) is paid. In the event that title is transferred or deemed to have been transferred by operation of law or otherwise, Buyer hereby grants and transferred to CHII, a security interest in favor of CHII in and to all machinery and equipment purchased from CHII pursuant hereto which shall come into Buyer’s control or actual or constructive possession. This security interest shall secure the timely payment of all sums due to CHII from Buyer. Buyer agrees to sign and deliver to CHII such financing statements and such other documents as may be reasonably required for public filing or any other reason, all in form satisfactory to CHII and/or its attorneys as may, from time to time, be requested. CHII may, at its sole discretion, file any such financing statements or other documents. Buyer further agrees to pay any and all costs incurred by CHII (including reasonable attorney’s fees) in connection with the documentation and perfection of CHII’s security interest, in the event that Buyer refuses to execute and deliver such statements within one (1) day of receipt thereof, the Buyer hereby irrevocably appoints any present or future officer of CHII as its lawful attorney in fact to take possession of, and to endorse in the name of the undersigned, any financing statement or similar instrument. CLAIMS: In the event of any breach of this sales agreement by CHII, it is expressly agreed that the Buyer’s sole and exclusive remedy shall be limited to a return of the goods, freight prepaid, for a refund of the purchase price only. CHII shall not accept, for refund, goods altered in any way. In no event shall CHII be responsible for any special or consequential damages. WARRANTY: The goods described herein are pre-owned used goods and are offered, “as is”, unless otherwise noted herein. CHII makes no warranties of any kind whatever, express or implied, and ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ARE HEREBY DISCLAIMED AND EXCLUDED FROM THIS AGREEMENT. All specifications and descriptions of said goods are approximate only. CHII makes no representation or warranty that said goods conform to any specification, description, condition, or performance. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to inspect the goods and ascertain if the specifications, description, and condition of the goods conform to the Buyer’s requirements. Any warranty concerning said goods made by a third party is enforceable only against the third party and not CHII. CHII reserves the right to correct typographical errors herein. GUARANTEE: CHII guarantees that, unless otherwise indicated in this proposal, every machine will be mechanically satisfactory for a period of 30 days from date of shipment. Machines found to be unsatisfactory within the stated time will, upon Buyer’s written notification to CHII and at CHII’s option, be repaired at CHII’s expense or returned by the Buyer with written authorization by CHII, freight prepaid, for full refund of purchase price less the cost of special tooling, fixtures, or repairs ordered by Buyer. It is expressly understood by Buyer that this guarantee extends only to Buyer to the exclusion of all third parties, that CHII’s liability is limited under “CLAIMS”, and that any “CONDITIONS OF SALE” that may be in conflict with this paragraph supersede the terms of this Guarantee. MACHINE USE AND SAFETY: Buyer acknowledges that the goods described herein are pre-owned used goods which were neither designed nor manufactured by CHII, nor has CHII knowledge of, or control over, the prior use or misuse of said goods; nor does CHII have knowledge or control over the future application of these goods by the Buyer. It is the Buyer’s (user’s) sole responsibility to provide proper safety devices and equipment for any particular use, operation, or setup, to obtain manufacturer’s instruction manuals and materials and to take all necessary steps to conform to all Federal, Provincial, State and local government safety standards and all industry safety standards, including OSHA. In consideration of one dollar ($1.00), delivery of the subject machinery and/or equipment, and other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, Buyer, for itself, its successors and its assigns, does hereby remise, release, and forever discharge CHII, its successors and assigns, of and from all claims, demands, rights, and causes of action of whatsoever kind of nature that it has or may have against CHII arising from or out of any use whatsoever (including resale) of the machinery or equipment sold pursuant to this agreement. INDEMNIFICATION: Buyer agrees to indemnify, hold harmless and defend CHMII its employees, subsidiaries, affiliates, or agents of and from any and all claims or liabilities involving, or alleged to involve, these goods, which are caused by acts or omissions of the Buyer, his employees, assigns, or agents. CHANGE OF SPECIFICATIONS: As technology is changing continuously, CHII and/or its suppliers may introduce technical improvements in the scope, design and construction of the proposed equipment provided that such modifications do not influence the performance of the equipment ordered. Requests for such variations shall be submitted in writing. EXPORT LICENSE: For the export of the offered equipment and export license might be required. In order to be able to apply for such a document with the Canadian authorities CHII requires an official End-User Certificate from the government of final destination. Delivery of the above-mentioned Scope of Supply is strictly subject to the granting of an export license by the Canadian authorities. Failure to obtain an export license shall free CHII from all its contractual obligations, without being liable for any direct or indirect damages. FORBIDDEN UTILIZATIONS: The Buyer is noticed that the items furnished with the Sales Contract shall not be used in connection with any nuclear facility or activity. If so used, the provisions of the Rider For Nuclear Applications shall apply. In addition, the items shall not be sold, leased or otherwise transferred to, or utilized by, an end-user, engaged in activities related to weapons of mass destruction, including but not limited to, activities related to the design, development, production or use of nuclear materials, nuclear facilities, or nuclear weapons, missiles or support of missile projects, or chemical or biological weapons. CLEARANCES: The Buyer is noticed that the items furnished with the Sales Contract may relate to articles controlled by the Canadian government for export and may, therefore, be subject to export licensing requirements and limitations on disclosures or shipment to foreign nations under Canadian law, criminal and civil penalties may result from any violation of these export provisions. The Buyer indemnifies CHII from any breach of such requirements and laws following Buyer’s receipt of export controlled items. If so required under the applicable Canadian Government export control regulations, it is the Buyer’s responsibility, and at its own expenses, to obtain a valid and official End-User Certificate from the government authorities of the country of final destination for any items that are subject to export control regulations. The items shall be shipped to any country that has an embargo placed on it by the Canadian government or the United Nations. Where an End-User Certificate is required to complete the transaction, no items shall be released or removed until all certificates are filed and the equipment has been cleared for release. The liability of the End-User Certificate for completeness, correctness and legibility is that of the Buyer of the items. The Buyer shall be furthermore, responsible for obtaining any other necessary governmental clearances, including but not limited to, import and foreign exchange licenses, which may be required by the Canadian government or any other government.


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ONE (1) NEW TAI YUAN SNUGGERY 600-3000X25.4mm X12M Hydrostatic Tester For Spiral Pipe

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