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This Krauss Maffei 175-1900 CV Injection Moulding Machine was made in 2002 in Germany and counts with 77389 production hours. Equipped with a control unit of the same brand, this top quality machine incorporates a clamping force of 1750 kN and an injection pressure of 1360 bar. It presents very good conditions, as it has a completely new hydraulic hose package.


Krauss Maffei 75-1900 CV Injection Moulding Machine

Production Hours: 77389

General Data:
Measurements width: 7500 mm
Measurements depth: 2000 mm
Measurements height: 4400 mm
Machine weight: 11800 kg

Control Unit:
Brand: Krauss Maffei
CNC main language: German
CNC language customizable: Yes

Injection Unit:
Screw diameter: 80 mm
Shot weight: 1367 g/PS
Stroke volume: 1367 cm³
Injection pressure: 1360 bar
Plasticising rate max: 135 g/s PS
Screw speed: 130 rpm
Heating capacity: 49 kW
Adjustable heating zones: 9
Nozzle pressure: 110 kN

Clamping Unit:
Clamping force: 1750 kN
Opening stroke: 700 mm
Max open daylight: 1150 mm
Distance between bars: 560x560 mm
Mould height min: 450 mm
Mould height max: 1150 mm
Size of mold platens: 915x915 mm
Ejector stroke: 200 mm
Ejector force for / back: 77/28 kN

Power consumption: 198 kW

Additional Equipment:
* Wittmann Robot-System W633P -259 (300x1400)

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