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Midwest Sandright D-52 Wet and Dry Rotary Finishing Machine Sidewinder
New September 2006
Can Be Seen Under Power
Allen Bradley Operating Controls
Stainless Steel Pans and doors for corrosion resistance
40 GPM Manual Paper Bed Filter
Vacuum bed for holding parts
Sheet Metal Dryer
10 HP Motor
Part thickness will be accommodated (0-6”) digitally raising and lowering the feed belt.
Machine is 460 volts and 3 phase electric.
48” Rotating Disc (300-400 RPM digitally adjustable that oscillates (0-72: total) to cover the 52” part path using a 1/2 HP Motor on the THK type guides.
48” diameter Scotch Brite disc will be Velcro attached to a 3/4” foam pad that is attached to a 3/4” Aluminum plate.
The disc uses a foam backing and hooks and loop material to fasten the replaceable
non-woven Nylon abrasive disc. Coolant flows through the discs for
maximum effectiveness!
3 HP Perforated Conveyor belt feeds the parts thru (15-45 ipm) holding the parts with a 20 HP vacuum system.
Vacuum Feed System: The conveyor uses a premium grade belt and is driven by a 2 HP Variable speed motor (0-30ft./min.) Conveyor rolls are 6” diameter for maximum traction and improved tracking. Vacuum system is used to hold the parts. The vacuum system consists of a perforated conveyor belt, a vacuum chamber under the belt, a blower to create the vacuum and a stripper box to remove coolant form the air stream.
Includes Stainless Steel pans, and components in the wet cooler areas.
1 HP motor on the water paper roll filter and 1 HP on the circulating coolant pump.
5 HP motor feeds the air knife dryer.
Machine is 460 volts 3 phase.
On our floor in Ohio.

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