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PRICE: Loaded on Truck, Our Warehouse, York, PA …… $119,000.00

HMC Stock #18427-P
Machine Serial No.: 8427
Machine Model No.: G80 PL
New Date: 1996

This Gockel long bed knife grinder utilizes a fixed bed. The grinding unit travels on front and rear hardened way system. The horizontal segmented grinding wheel is driven by a balanced motor and spindle. There are (2) grinding zones, each end and the middle, constituting a total of (5) magnetic chucks. This allows for parts up to 232" (19.3'). With two working stations it also allows you to be grinding on one of the chucks while you "set up" parts on the other chuck, thus eliminating downtime. This model machine is still in current production.

Grinding Length: 232.28" (19.3') (5900 mm)
(3) Zones: 82"-62"-82" (2100 mm-1700 mm-2100 mm)
Grinding Width: 21.5" (550 mm)
Clearance Height: 10" (250 mm)
Clearance Width: 23.62" (600 mm)
Magnetic Chuck Sizes: (4) Units 18"x 41-1/2" and (1) 18" x 67"
Space Between Each Chuck: 3/4"
67" Chuck is in the Middle and Two Shorter Chucks on Each End
Total Overall Magnetic Chuck Surface: 150"
Maximum Distance Between Bed Way Frames: 27-3/4"
Grinding Head Diameter: 23.62" (600 mm)
Grinding Head Motor: 67 HP (50 kw)
Grinding Wheel Travel Speed: 0.787" to 1181.10"/min. (0.02 to 30 m/min.)
Rapid Traverse Speed of Support: 17.71"/min (450 mm/min)
Down Feed Stop Increments: 0.000197 to 0.00787"
Motion References: X is Negative, W and Z Are Positive

Marposs Model E39 Gaging System, Serial No. 6FC2993
Lauer PCS 095-Topline Mini PLC Controller for Operation Cycle
Grinding Wheel Design: Segmented
Use of the Marposs Gaging System is Optional
Hard Replaceable Head Ways in Good Condition
Central Automatic Lubrication System for Head and Ways
Manual and Auto Wheel Dressing Cycles
(1) Bed Mounted Rotary Table Wheel Dresser that Can be Mounted at Either End of the Bed
(2) Adjustable Head Traverse Stops
(2) 6" Diameter Head Exhaust Ports
Head Traverse Via Rack and Pinion Drive
(1) Table End Splash Guard
Assorted New and Used Grinding Wheel Segments
Flat Wheel Segment Size: 4-3/4" x 8" x 1-5/8"
(2) Electrical Schematic Manuals (In German)
(2) Marposs Manuals (In German)
(1) Foundation Print
(1) Gockel Operation/Service Instruction Manual (In English)
Free Standing Coolant Tank with Pump
Manual or Programmable Head Positioning and Operation
Auto and Manual Operation Modes Work with or without the Marposs System
Compressed Air Required for Bed Lubrication System

Overall Size of the Machine Components:
Machine: 393" (32.75') Long x 63" Wide x 99" High x 38,500 Lbs.
Electrical Cabinet: 95" x 27" x 85" High x 1,500 Lbs.
Coolant Tank and Pump: 32" x 37" x 33" High x Estimated 150 Lbs.
Skid of Miscellaneous Parts and Items: 48" x 48" x ? High x Estimated 250 Lbs.

Original Purchase Price Quotation 10/20/1995 was $385,000.00
See Operation Manual Online at: www.hildebrandmachinery.com\18427-quotation.pdf
See Operation Manual Online at: www.hildebrandmachinery.com\18427-operationmanual.pdf
See Youtube Video at: https://youtu.be/a3qQe_i5-Zc

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