BMB EKW 25 PI/1300ماكينات حقن اسطمبات

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This BMB eKW 25 Pi/1300 Injection Moulding Machine was built in Italy in 2015. Equipped with a HEIDENHAIN SP 6000 Control unit and an Euromap 67 robot interface, this reliable machine has mainly been producing plastic buckets for mass production. This machine offers an excellent performance, especially in terms of acceleration and deceleration of the main mould opening and closing movements with the resultant lower cycle times.


BMB eKW 25 Pi/1300 Injection Moulding Machine General Data: Measurements depth: 1920 mm Measurements height: 2065 mm Machine weight: 13500 kg Control Unit: Brand: HEIDENHAIN Model: SP 6000 Injection Unit: Screw diameter: 60 mm Shot weight: 698 g/PS Stroke volume: 735 cm³ Injection pressure: 1400 kg/cm³ Plasticising rate max: 67 g/PS Screw speed: 450 rpm Heating capacity: 24 kW Adjustable heating zones: 4+1 Clamping Unit: Clamping force: 2500 kN Opening stroke: 650 mm Max open daylight: 1300 mm Distance between bars: 630 x 630 mm Mould height min: 200 mm Mould height max: 650 mm Size of mold platens: 910 x 910 mm Ejector stroke: 200 mm Ejector force for / back: 60 kN Media: Main electronic connection: 400 V

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