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Ravensburg CNC 118 x 551 inch CNC Heavy Duty Lathe


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ماكس RPM
200 rpm
118.1 "
بالقطع طول
551.2 "
CNC تحكم

Ravensburg CNC Heavy Duty Lathe 1995

Price: $POR

Specifications/Equipped With:
Max. turning-Ø above carriage 2500 mm
Max. turning-Ø above bed 3000 mm
Max. centre height over floor 2410 mm
Max. centre height over bed ways 2000 mm
Max. distance between centres 14000 mm
Load capacity between centres 80000 kg
Load capacity with steady rests 125000 kg
Machine weight approx. 350 t
Size of carriage bed 1800 x 1000 mm
Size of slide bed 1600 x 800
Control Siemens Sinumerik 880 T
Connected load 415 V/50 Hz
Power required 315 kW
Spindle boring-Ø 150 mm
Headstock DIN 55026 Size 28, Form A
Receiver cone metr. 1:20 160 / 120 mm
4 Main spindle drives 1-200 RPM
Main drive (d.c. motor) 200 kW/910 RPM
Max. torque of faceplate 100 000 Nm
Faceplate -Ø 2000 mm
Headstock-cooling 9,3 kW
Circulation-pump 55 l/min
C-axes with brake
Main spindle drive 0,005-5 RPM
Max. torque with C-axis 24000 Nm
Milling Unit
Tool clamping automatically
2 tool adapters DIN 2079 ISO SK 50
Collet capacity (tools) 24 kN
Milling spindle -Ø 160 mm
4 spindle speeds 10-1600 mm
Drive 42 kW/1250 RPM
Gearing hydraulically
Vertical travel Y ½ axes 440 mm (+200 mm/-240 mm)
Feeds (Y ½ -axes) 1-5000 mm/min.
Quick motion 5000 mm/min.
Adapter milling head
Tool adapter ISO SK 40
Max. torque 1000 Nm
Transmission 1 :1
2 NC-sword turning attachments
Number of swords 2 each
Height, width, length of sword 400 x 100 x 1470mm
Travel of sword (U 1-4-axes) 470 mm
Feed of U-axes 0,4-2000 mm/min.
Quick motion 2000 mm/min.
Infeed power 70 kN
Tool adapter Capto C 8
Number of tool adapter per sword 2
Clamping of the sword hydraulically
Boring bar attachment
Boring bar -Ø 300 mm
Max. clamping length 1100 mm
Max. boring bar length 2500 mm
Tool adapter Capto C8 or C6
Manual movement 4 x 250 mm
Belt grinding attachment (right and left side)
Band width/length 200 x 3500 mm
Power 50 kW/1500 RPM
Max. Speed 2675 RPM
Belt motor 8-35 m/sec.
Carriage with hydrostatic guide ways
Max. traverse (Z ½ -axes) 19130 mm
Max. traverse (X ½ -axes) 1480 mm
Feeds 1-5000 mm
(X/Z-axis) 0.05-50 RPM
Rapid traverse 8000 mm/Min.
Thread pitch (X/Z-axis) 0,01-2000 RPM
Infeed power (X/Z-axis) 65 kN
Rotary plate on faceplate (B-axes) 260°
Max. turning speed with hydrostatically driven pallet clamping 2 RPM
Clamping power of clamping cylinder 60 t
Pallet size 800/800 mm
Automatic jumper of power-control-hydraulic-and cooling wiring and multi coupling 42 kW/1250 RPM
Tailstock-top with hydrostatic sleeve bedding
Ø of quill 500 mm
Adjustable stroke 275 mm
Quill feed rate 840/420 RPM
Sleeve locking manually
Face plate adapter DIN 55026 Size 28
Lathe centre adapter Size 11
Nose angle 60°
Faceplate-Ø 1500 mm
Tailstock-top -cooling 18 kW
Circulation pump 90 l/min
Tailstock-base part
Motor driven adjustment on the bed 2000 mm/min.
Clamping on bed hydrostatically
Hydraulic rack locking
2 steady- bottoms (for taking up steady rest and bearing block)
Travel W 1 -axes 8000 mm
Travel W2 -axes 10600 mm
Feeds 1-9000 mm /min.
Clamping on bed hydraulically
Clamping of steady rest hydraulically
Steady - upper part
Supporting-Ø steady 1 500-1000 mm
Supporting –Ø steady 2 1000-1800 mm
Max. load 40000kg
Diameter of rolls 250 mm
Steady-upper part 2500 mm
Supporting-Ø steady 3 100-762 mm
Max. load 16000 kg
Diameter of rolls 140 mm
2 pillow blocks
Pillow- Ø 300-540 mm
Manual feed, cross, with hydraulic clamping  50 mm
Clamping of pillow shield hydraulically
Max. load 25000 kg
NC-roller frame
Number of supporting rolls 2, Ø 1500-2500 mm
Adjustable force 1000-30000 kg
Rolls-Ø 200 mm
Travel W3-axes 10600 mm
Feeds 1-9000 mm/min.
Vertical stroke (Y3-axes) 170 mm
Feeds 500 mm/min.
2 pallet stations
Number of pallet stations (for left and right support) 2 x 3
Rapid traverse (chain drive) 2200 mm/min.
Traverse left (W4-axes) 5200 mm
Traverse right (W5-axes) 3300 mm
Rapid traverse of pick up (W4/W5 axes) 1-6000 mm/min.
Tool measurement Messrs. Renishaw
Max. work piece-Ø 2400 mm
Measuring accuracy IT 7l
Chip conveyor D 45°
Conveyor width 457 mm
Hauling speed 3000-6000 mm/min.
Throwing off height approx. 2200 mm
Driving power 1,1 / 1,8 kg
Cooling attachment
Tank capacity 5000 l
Pump capacity 100 l/ min. /10bar
Driving power 4 kW
Filtron- coolant purification F 60-3CR
Pumping capacity 270 l/min.
Driving power 2,2 kW
Exhausting volume 10000 cbm
Negative pressure 500 daPay
Power 22 kW
Filter capacity 184 sqm
Accuracy (when delivered first) 0,008 mm
Siemens Sinumerik 880 T
2 CNC carriages with tool changers
Carriage 1) with sword turning attachment,
boring bar attachment and belt grinding attachment (50 kW).
Carriage 2) with sword turning attachment,
belt grinding attachment (50 kW), and drilling and milling attachment (40 kW).
Chip conveyor
Cooling-, filter, mist-, and hydraulic attachments
Total power required: 315 kW
Total weight: approx. 350t
Accuracy report
**Note: This lathe is now dismantled and stored in a warehouse.

Specifications subject to verification.
Specifications subject to change.
Machine subject to prior sale.
Quote subject to our terms and conditions.
Sales price below is for the machine only.
This machine is being sold AS IS WHERE IS.
Any and all other costs are buyer's responsibility.

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