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We are delighted to present the DSTT-40 Mill-Turn dual spindle turning center. The DSTT-40 turning centers combine dual-spindle turning the with C-Axis and a power tool driven turret to create a powerful "done in one" machining solution. Off center milling, drilling and tapping operations are possible for increased machining capabilities. The opposed spindles support fully synchronized turning, and allow on-the-fly part pass-off to reduce cycle times. These machines offers the widest selection of options at the very best value in it’s class. This dual spindle model has an A2-6 main spindle and counter spindle nose. The DSPTT-40 Mill-Turn Dual Spindle Twin turret tuning centers have a LS-200DTR 12-Station Servo Turret manufactured by Lio Shing one of the largest manufactures of turrets in Taiwan with a gear ratio of 1-1, Hydraulic power source: P=40 kg/CM2, and clamping force of 4,240. Design includes three-piece type curvic clutch ensures high precision accuracy. Tool holders are driven by a servomotor that features high torque output and with low noise. Repeatability accuracy reaches 0.003 mm. 4,000 maximum high speed. Inside mechanism employs parallel cam, featuring high indexing accuracy and fast tool change. Turret clamping/ unclamping is operated through hydraulic power, assuring smooth motion and permitting for heavy duty machining. The turret can be mounted at right or left side with random tool selection function. Tool Shank Specifications: VDI40, DIN5480 W20 X 0.8/, BMT65-ER32 Other turret options available on request. We have the most affordable magazine bar feeds in the industry and the same for robotic arm loaders. The DSPTT-40 uses the NEW 988TD CNC control is a dual-channel turning center CNC control developed by GSK Equipment Co., LTD. And is based on ARM+DSP dual core hardware architecture by connecting with the industrial Ethernet bus with the (GSK-Link), the servo drives and a remote I/O unit. The 988TD can control up o 10 axis and 4 spindles, each path includes 6 feed axis (including C Axis) in each path, 3-axis link and 3 spindles to realize the turning with compound milling operations. The servos motors use high-resolution absolute encoders that provide 0.1 m position precision, and 1ms interpolation period to perform a turning-milling compound machining and can provide the control performance for multi-axis turning and machining centers.


تحويل المواصفات للمتري
حجم الظرف
2 "
سعة العامود
2 "
10 hp
ماكس RPM
4500 rpm
قطر الخراطة
2 "
22.8 "
بالقطع طول
18.8 "
غراب (نعم/لا
70 x 120 in
CNC تحكم
CNC (GSK 988 TDi)

Capacities: SAE METRIC
Max Swing Over Bed: 22.8 in 580 mm
Max Swing Over Carriage: 13.7 in 350 mm
Max Turning Diameter: 9.8 in 250 mm (with specific turret)
Max Between Chucks: 18.8 in 480 mm
Max Turning Length: Turret 13.7 in 350 mm
Main & Counter Spindles: SAE METRIC
Spindle Nose: A2-6
Spindle Chuck: 8 in 203 mm
Spindle Bore: 2.4 in 61 mm
Bar Capacity: 2 in 52 mm
Max Spindle Speed: 4,500 rpm
Collet Actuator: Hydraulic Cylinder
Motor Power SAE METRIC
Main Spindle Motor: 10 hp 7.5 kW
Counter Spindle Motor: 7.5 hp 5.5 kW
X/Y Axis Motors: 2.2/3.1 hp 1.5/2.3 kW
Hydraulic Station Motor: 1.5 hp 1 kW
Travels & Feedrate: SAE METRIC
X1, X2-Axis Travel: 9 in 230 mm
Z1-Axis Travel: 15.7 in 400 mm
Z2-Axis Travel: 20.8 in 530 mm
Z3 (Sub Spindle) Travel: 20.8 in 530 mm
Rapid on X-Axis: 945 in/min 24 m/min
Rapid on Z-Axis: 945 in/min 24 m/min
Axis Max Feed Rate: 400 in/min 10.15 m/min
Integral Casting: One Piece Construction, Slant Angle 45 degree
Rail Span: 15.7 in 400 mm
X1, X2 Axis Ball Screw Spec.: 3208-C3
Z1, Z2 Axis Ball Screw Spec.: 3208-C3
Z3 Axes Ball Screw Spec.: 3208-C3
Timed Auto Lubrication: Bearing Packs & Ball Screw Nuts
Head Stock: Cast Iron
Precision: SAE METRIC
Positional Repeatability: +/- 0.0001 (one tenth) / +/- 0.00254 mm
Positional Resolution: +/- 0.00005 (50 millionths) / +/- 0.00127 mm
Positional Accuracy: +/- 0.0001 (one tenth) / +/- 0.00254 mm
Spindle Runout: +/- 0.00005(50millionths) / +/- 0.00127 mm
C-Axis Indexing: Increment 0.001 deg. 360K Rad.Pos.
Requirements: SAE METRIC
Coolant Capacity: 22.5 gal 70 lit
Coolant Pump: 3/4 hp 0.5 kw
Compressed Air: 5 SCFM(Clean,Dry Air) Live tools
Power Required: 30 KVA
Voltage: 208-240 VAC 3 phase
Machine Dimensions: SAE METRIC
Machine Height: 72 in (6-Feet) 1828 mm
Sheet Metal Length: 120 in (-Feet) 3048 mm
Sheet Metal Width: 70 in (5-Feet) 1778 mm
Machine Weight: 9920 lbs 4500 kg

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