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The 2007 Correa FP-40 portal milling machine is equipped with a Heidenhain iTNC530 control and a HR410 handwheel. It has a cross travel (Y-axis) of 3,000 mm and a passage between the columns of 2,500 mm. The mobile machine table has a clamping surface of 4,500 x 2,000 mm and can carry a workpiece weight of up to 10 tons. The automatic UAD milling head with 30kW power (100% ED) and a maximum speed of 5,000 U\min can be swivelled 0.1° in both head planes. A coolant system with internal coolant supply (IKZ) and a tool changer with 60 magazine places complete the equipment of this portal milling machine from the Spanish manufacturer Nicolas Correa.


تحويل المواصفات للمتري
78.74 "
177.2 "
المسافة بين الجرابات
98.43 "
40.2 hp
5000 rpm
11 x 6,7 x 5,4 m
43000 kgs
CNC تحكم


CNC – Portal Milling Machine

manufacturer CORREA
type FP 40
control 43000
built 2007
longitudinal movement (x-axis) 4.000 mm
lateral movement (y-axis) 3.000 mm
vertical movement (z-axis) 1.000 mm
min. / max. distance spindle nose / table 500 / 1.500 mm

Clamping table
clamping surface 4.500 x 2.000 mm
t-slots 22 H8 mm distance 8 x 150 mm
workpiece load max. 10.000 kg
distance between columns 2.500 mm

X-axis, stepless 2 - 15.000 mm/min.
Y- and Z-axis, stepless 2 - 12.000 mm/min
Torque of the drives 37 Nm

Ball screws
Longitudinal (X)-axis, Ø / Pitch 63 / 12 mm
Lateral (Y)-axis, Ø / Pitch 50 / 10 mm
Vertical (Z)-axis, Ø 63 / 10 mm

Working spindle with automatic milling head UAD
power at 100 % ED 30 kW from 198 min-1
gear steps 2
speed range, infinitely variable 40 – 5.000 min-1
max. torque 1.045 Nm up to 273 min-1
tool taper SK 50 SK 50 – DIN 69871 Form A
pull stud DIN 69872 Form A
head pitch in both planes 0,1 ° each plane
automatic tool clamping 18.000 N clamping force

including digital drive control, hard disk memory, 15" TFT color screen,
6 GB hard disk space
Standard drilling and milling cycles, deep drilling, tapping with and without floating tap holder, milling of grooves, rectangular and circular pockets, rectangular and circular journals, boring,
drill milling (helical path), off-line drilling, drilling patterns, head swiveling, countersinking,
Shifting and/or rotating the coordinate system, mirroring, scaling factor also axis-specific,
Tool Center Point Management TCPM, linear interpolation, circular interpolation, tilting the working plane, helices, circular interpolation in space with tilted working plane
Memory and interface
Central tool memory for any number of tools, also with variable space coding, return to contour, touch probe cycles for measuring and zero point determination, data interface V24/RS-232-C and V11/RS-422, data transmission speed up to max. 115,200 baud, Fast Ethernet interface (100 Mbaud), remote diagnosis via Ethernet card possible
Automatic tool changer ATC
max. capacity 60 pos.
tool diameter max. 200 / 125 mm adjacent places free / occupied
tool length max. 400 mm
tool weight max 25 kg
changing positions vertically + horizontally

Guides, drive and measuring systems
• All axis drives with digital servo motors, manufacturer SIEMENS
• Direct measuring systems for X, Y and Z Axes, manufacturer HEIDENHAIN
• X-, Y- and Z-axis guidance using high-precision linear guides for maximum precision and dynamics
• Precision ball screws with preloaded nuts in X-, Y- and Z-axis

Chip conveyor
• 2 chip conveyors mounted lengthwise between machine stand and clamping table
• Discharge height approx. 1070mm
• All chip conveyors as hinged belt conveyors

Coolant system
• Coolant outlet at milling head via shower rim 25 l/min, 3 bar.
• Tank capacity ca. 300 l
• Internal coolant supply 40 l/min 17 bar
• Coolant filtration via MAHLE automatic centrifuge filter (fineness 0.05 mm)

Dimensions, weight
Base area machine l x w ca. 11 x 6,7 m
overall height ca. 5,4 m
Machine weight approx. 43.000 kg

Electrical connection values
total electrical power supply 44 kW
operating voltage 400 V
operating frequency 50 Hz

Equipment / Accessories
• Machine bed, stand, milling slide and vertical slide in pearlitic cast iron GG-30 with a hardness of 220 HB are generously dimensioned and ribbed
• Automatic indexing milling head UAD with 0.1° pitch in both planes
• 2-stage automatic gearbox with recirculating oil lubrication Oil cooling unit for cooling the main spindle gear unit
• spindle drive 30 kW, make SIEMENS
• Spindle speed max. 5.000 min-1
• Axis drives by means of precision ball screws and digital servo motors
• Prepared for M&H 20.00 touch probe with radio transmission (touch probe missing)
• CNC control HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530 incl. digital drive technology
• Portable electronic handwheel HEIDENHAIN HR 410 with 3 m spiral cable
• Pivoting control panel for machine operation
• Automatic tool changer with 60 magazine positions, changing positions vertically + horizontally
• Coolant system with external shower rim and internal coolant supply through the spindle
• 2 chip conveyors left and right of the clamping table
• IKO - Linear guides in the X-axis, sliding guides made of hardened steel strips and plastic-coated counter guides in the Y- and Z-axis
• Precision ball screws with pre-tapped double nuts in all axes
• Direct measuring system in all axes make HEIDENHAIN
• Hydraulic weight compensation in the vertical axis
• Telescopic cover of the X-axis
• Bellows cover of the Y-axis
• Splash guard cladding of the working area on 4 sides. The sliding door at the front of the machine is operated manually. The door on the side of the tool changer opens and closes automatically. In X - direction the working area is closed by a swiveling PVC curtain. Safety fencing for the area of the tool- and magazine with a secured access door.
• Air conditioning for electrical cabinet
• Approx. operating hours: control 18.260 h, machine 20.265 h, read off
program run 15,000 h estimated

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