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3"Dia, ATS, ML580, 5', 2017, for fixed headstock


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3 "
طول العامود
5 '
87" x 45" x 48"
826 lbs

This bar loader was purchased as a Demo Unit but never installed

Replacement cost about $19K


Scope of application Bar dimension
Bar round cross section: 6 to 80 mm
Bar hexagonal cross section: 8 to 68 mm
Bar square cross section: 8 to 55 mm
Bar weight
Maximum weight of the loaded bar: 60 kg
Bar length
Maximum length of the bar: 1525 mm
Magazine capacity depending on the bar diameter
8 bars: 80 mm
The # of bars limited by the table cap 6 mm
Max Weight of all bars on Table: 250 kg
Pusher stroke
Design stroke: 1665 mm
Working stroke: 1660 mm
Max dist of the clamping device face 1655 mm
from the pusher point in back position
Technology of bar handling
The bar is cantered in the lathe spindle by spindle inserts, and shifted

by the pusher to a stopper in the tool head.
Bar loading cycle: approx. 30 s
Setting time at change of bar diameter: Max. 1 minute at change diameter
+ time of lathe spindle insert

Electrical equipment
Power supply: 200/230/400 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 320 VA
Power circuits: 200 VAC, 24 VDC
Logic circuits: 24 VDC
Weight: approx. 375 kg
Transport dimensions: L 2230 x W 1150 x H 1220 mm

The barfeeder ML-565/580 T/S is a powerful machine with a long service life

and minimal maintenance required. Its operation and functions are simple which

facilitates the work even to less skilled workers.

The barfeeder is controlled by means of the control panel in the right part of

the machine. There is an E-Stop pushbutton for emergency stop on the control

panel. In the left part of the barfeeder frame there is a Q1 switch.
Bars are loaded in the magazine. Loading of bars into the lathe is ensured by

a loading channel with a flag and pusher.

On the rear side of the frame there are connectors X1, X2 for barfeeder

interconnection with the lathe.

Currently configured for a Mazak QTN250 MSY

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