LIEBHERR WSC 251سن تروس

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9.843 "

Six Axis CNC Gear Shaper With 10 Degree Adjustable Facility (CNC B Axis).
Very Unique Machine with Extra Raiser block 200 mm.
SPUR Hydrostatic spindle guide.
Workpiece clamping hydraulic.

This machine is being offered in as is condition Old Orriginal Liebherr CNC System is Discarded.
We can also offer it with an optional rebuild, recontrol or recertification. We Shall Carry Out The Following Process If You place order For Retroffting.All recontrolled and recertified machines are fully cleaned. All moving slides, spindles and parts handling systems are inspected for problems. Any gibs or adjustable backlash systems are adjusted to the best possible settings. All hydraulic, coolant, lubrication and pneumatic systems are checked for proper functionality and leaks. All filters are replaced. All worn hoses, broken cables, connectors, buttons, lamps and wires are replaced. All guarding is installed and checked. All machine cycles are tested. Parts are cut to verify the machine capability. Charts from the test cutting are documented for your viewing

Technical Data:

Max. Wheel Diameter: 250 mm
Gear Width: 80 mm
Max. Module: 6
Min. Module: 0.5
Max. distance between table and spindle-nose: 310 mm

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