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Current EDM manufactures the finest hole drillers in the world. Used in applications such as aerospace, medical, aircraft and automotive. The ST300 accurately drills holes in nearly any electrically conductive material, at high rates, on angles, curved surfaces, and through threads. This machine is ideal for drilling "start holes" for wire EDM, gas escape holes in molds, and production holes in hardened materials where conventional drilling is difficult. Its rugged construction makes it suitable for tool room and production applications. STANDARD MACHINE FEATURES * Utilize electrode diameters from 0.004-0.250in. Drill to depths up to 300 times hole diameter. * Rigid CAST BRIDGE design for optimum machining accuracy and low maintenance. X + Y axis slides are located above the drilling area away from dielectric fluid sprays. * CLOSED -LOOP, linear scale feedback for X and Y axis. Direct-to-shaft encoder feedback for Z-Axis. High-precision, re-circulating ball way slides used on X, Y and Z axis. * 8 x 12in table travel and 12in Z-Axis servo stroke. X, Y and Z axis digital read-outs are displayed in inch or metric coordinates at a resolution of 0.0002in (0.005mm). * PROGRAMMABLE DRILLING DEPTH SET AND RETRACT. The Controller automatically keeps track of the drilling depth even if machining is interrupted. Variable retract height input is necessary to ensure the electrode will not retract out of the guide. * Precision lapped GRANITE WORKTABLE. Exceptional flatness and electrical insulation enhance machining performance. * AUTO MODE and CYCLE features automate drilling when the M-Function interface cable is connected to a rotary or indexing table. Up to 998 drilling cycles, or continuous operation, can be programmed at the Controller. * "SOFT START" feature virtually eliminates entry point burr formation. Power settings are automatically lowered upon initial contact and then gradually increased to full power. * INITIAL ZERO SET to drill consistently to a set depth, the Z-axis coordinate display automatically resets to zero upon initial drilling contact with the workpiece. Initial Zero Set override is also possible. * One-piece CENTERLESS GROUND SPINDLE. To facilitate electrode changing,the spindle can rotate in the clock-wise or counter clock-wise direction. The electrode drill chuck is installed or removed from the spindle with the push of a button. * CONTROLLER The Controller unit is mounted on a swing-away arm for easy positioning. A membrane keypad is utilized to minimize maintenance. * Machine system designed to drill with WATER DIELECTRIC fluid. * Four separate power supply circuit breakers to protect and extend the life of critical components. * Audio signal EDGE FINDING circuitry for workpiece referencing and contact sensing.


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0 "
أقصى قطر للثقب
0.26 "
عرض الشغل
12 "
طول الشغل
12 "
حركة الأكس X
12 "
حركة الأكس Y
8 "
حركة الأكس Z
12 "
24" x 28" x 70"
800 lbs (364 Kg)

* Current EDM Controller w/XYZ DRO's
* Granite Worktable with Stainless Rails
* Add-on Tank for Submerged Machining
* Three-Piston Electric Pump for Consistent High-Pressure Flush
* 57 Peak Amp Power Supply
* All Available Manuals and Accesories

** Filtration system available at additional cost. This machine can also just draw water from a wire EDM.

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