LORENZ E16هوبر تروس

بطاقة الهوية
علامة تجارية
تستخدم - ممتاز
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66.93 "
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LORENZ - E 16 machien is equipped with Two Heads ie Universal Hobbing Head + Tangential Head

LORENZ gear hobber out of the E-line are suitable for the manufacture of spur-, helical-, and worm gears.

In addition this particular OUR machine is equipped with an Tangential Head for worm cutting .

Our machine is supplied with a stationary table, bedded on ball bearings.

The hob column is adjustable on broad bed guides.

The hobbing column is carrying the tool slide with changeable tangential

heads whilst the hobbing column is sliding on a big-dimensioned machine bed.

The work piece table is suitable for very heavy work pieces.

Subject its design the table transfers heavy loads and cutting motions/forces directly into the foundation

Max. workpiece-OD without steady 1600 mm

Max. workpiece-OD with steady 1100 mm

Max. table load 5500 kg

Max. face width 660 mm

Max. module with - 25

- disc milling cutter 18

- cutter-head 16

Max. number of teeth 500

Min./Max distance between arbour and cutter center:- 50 / 950 mm

Max. vertical stroke of slide 740 mm

Clamping table- 1250 mm

Table bore- 250 mm

Mandrel-90 mm

RPM of hob cutter 18 from 18-125 U/min.

Hob feeds per table rotation 0,04-5

Part feed 2-250 mm/min.

Total connected load approx. 12,9 kW

Power required 220/380V, 50 Hz

Weight of the machine approx. 22500 kg

Space required l x w x h approx. 5220 x 2100 x 2750 mm

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