PACIFIC 600 TON X 14FT.الصحافة الفرامل

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600 TON X 14FT.
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علامة تجارية
600 TON X 14FT.
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1960s Pacific 600 Ton x 14ft. Press Brake


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600 T
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14 '

Make: Pacific
Model: 600 Ton x 14ft.
Year: 1960s
5/8” X 12’ Bending Capacity
14’ Overall Die Surface
22” Open Height
10” Closed Height
12’ 2” Distance Between Housings
14” Throat Depth
12” Stroke
93, 44, 17 IPM Advance Speed
89, 36 IPM Return Speed
Main Cylinder: 20" Bore X 12" Stroke, Ram: 4" X 80" X 168", Bed: 4" X 70" x 172"
Fixed Lower Platen: 6" X 10" x 168" W/5/8" Key W/5 1/2" High Front and Rear Faces
Bed Height Above Floor: 42 1/2"
Depth Below Floor: 32"
Complete With High Speed / Normal Press Speed Adjustable Position Cam
3-Position Advance (Dependent Upon Cam Position):
Rapid / Normal
Normal / Normal
Fast Press (Reduced Tonnage) / Normal Press
2-Position Return (Dependent Upon Cam Position):
Fast Return / Fast Return
Slow Return / Fast Return

Micrometer Adjustment For Bottom Of Stroke Stop Position,
Hardened Ram Inserts,
C-1050 Steel,
Tonnage Indicators,
Lower 4-Way Die Holder,
American-Style Clamping,
Section-Type Ram Clamps, Manual),
Dual Palm-Buttons With E-Stop,
Updated Ram Stop Positioning,
Updated Tonnage Control.
MOTOR DATA: 50 HP Double Ended Motor With (2) Vickers Pumps,
1800 RPM, Setup For 480 Volts.
Over All Dimensions: 7' F-B
Weight: 73,000 Lbs.
Good Condition, Upgraded By Pacific In 2013, Rebuilt The Pumps, Calibrated The Leveling System And Upgraded With A Solenoid Valve And Ran Less Than 20 Hours A Week.

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