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UNION D SERIES FROM STOCK 44 TON TO 300 TON 6 FOOT to 17 FOOT Custom tooling holders and rams available Custom lengths, side gaps, gauging available


UNION D-SERIES Hydraulic Press Brakes

The Finest In:
-European Design & Technology
-European Hydraulic Controls:
-Mannesman Rexroth of Germany
-European Elecctrics:
-Autento of Italy
-Wiebrock of Germany
-Japanese Hydraulic Pumps:
-American Standard Tooling

Standard Features

·Absolutely accurate bends - from end to end - every time
·Two direct down stroke cylinders complete each stroke at internal
precision stops which assures depth repeatbability to within
.0005" - end to end - every time.
·No need to constantly adjust "ram tilt". No need to "bottom"
every bend to assure accuracy.
·DRO monitored motorized ram depth control allows effortless and absolutely parallel bend changes.
·Adjustable tonnage control at the control panel allows the use of short or delicate tooling without risk of damage. Single or multiple unit punches can be used in conjunction with forming or shearing die sets.
·Pre-crowned bed table to counteract deflection
·Generous throat depth (with extra wide gaps optional)
·Hydraulics are quiet, efficient and compact. They are
located up and out of harm's way between the side frames.
No extra floor space is needed as is the case for side
mounted hydraulics.
·The ram is machined to accept standard American tooling.

Standard Equipment

·Front controlled motorized back gauge with electronic digital readout to .001"
·Motorized ram depth control with electronic digital readout to .001" (44 ton models have manual depth control)
·9-way hardened & precision ground botton die with 1/2" x 5/8" tooling slot
·Riser block with securing screws & 1/2" x 5/8" tooling slot
·Tooling table with front and rear T-slots & 1/2" x 5/8" tooling slot
·Top V punch, hardened & precision ground
·Front sheet supports
·Cycling controls can be set at:
-full down and return cycle
·Height controls allow adjustment of:
-upper return height of ram
-rapid approach lower limit
-pressure stroke start
-lower dead limit (indicated by electronic digital readout to .001")
·Tonnage control allows infinite adjustment of ram pressure to permit the use of short or delicate tooling without risk of damage


·Extra wide side gaps/*
·Side horns
·Adjustable table crowning

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