CITIZEN M20نوع السويسري الآلي وآلات برغي


Citizen turret tool holders - live and stationary for Citizen M20, M12, M16, E16J, F12, F16. See specs sheet for list. We also have a presetter TP-1000 to go with.


Part Number Tool Type/Description QTY
MSM203 Side Milling 2
MSS345 Saw/Slotting 3
MST403 Side Tapping 5
MSE103 Face Drilling/Milling 8
MSC103 Side Drilling/Milling 15
MSC203 1
VDF402L Double Drill Holder 9
VDF101L Single Drill Holder 65
VTF1312L 0.5X 0.5 Stick Holder 5
VTF512 0.5X 0.5 Stick Holder 2
VTF112L 0.5X 0.5 Stick Holder 24
VTF1412L 0.5X 0.5 Stick Holder 2
VDF201L Single Drill Holder 12

Citizen Presetter 1

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