AGET 11C51-D1

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    معدل التدفق
    1,200 ft³/min.
    2 hp
  • نظرة عامة على المنتج

    The AGET DUSTKOP SC series provides an industrial quality, 2-stage dust collector, consisting of a high efficiency pull-through cyclone that removes chips and wood dust from the air, and a bag-type after-filter that captures the remaining fine dust and returns cleaned air to the work area. The result is a simple, compact, and economical collection system for use in lighter duty or intermittent applications. DUSTKOP equipment provides years of dependable, low maintenance, and cost-effective dust collection.

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  • عن الشركة
    Aget Manufacturing Co.

    Aget Manufacturing has been designing and manufacturing dust and mist collectors since 1938. Over the years, we’ve developed our Dustkop and Mistkop products that are uniquely suited to our customers’ needs. Each system is tailored to run efficiently for the type of collection required. For example, if you need a saw dust collector for your workshop, Aget will select from our pre-engineered Cyclone dust collectors or other systems to provide maximum efficiency for the type of dust your shop produces. By tailoring each system to collect precisely the type of dust or mist produced, Aget can provide collection systems that operate at optimum efficiency – saving you money.

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