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    Alkota Cleaning Systems

    Whether you lead the smallest family-run machine shop or the largest of industrial facilities, when you work with Alkota, you've got masters of the trade on your side. Alkota got its start all the way back in 1964 building steam cleaners in a converted creamery in Alcester, South Dakota, the little rural town we still call home. Since then, we've innovated and perfected technology that may not win a lot of beauty pageants but does win a lot of loyalty. That may be because our people stick around. A good many of our crew have been with us more than twenty years, some of them over thirty years — and yes, even a few of us have stayed on since we began some four decades ago. That means we know the industry and what it takes to deliver the perfect fit better than just about anyone. Over the years, Alkota has perfected technology that combines higher pressures, higher volumes and higher temperatures resulting in an excellent balance between performance and efficiency. Our standard models have earned a reputation for durability and ease of maintenance, and our people have distinguished us as the leader in custom-designed pressure washers for unique applications. Today Alkota has a diverse line of products and a worldwide distributor base. But everything we do starts with the devotion and care of our people, masters of the trade with an unrivaled ability to solve problems and custom build solutions as durable as the commitment they bring to work every day. Of course, the longevity we enjoy in the shop is yours to enjoy on the job. When you take an Alkota pressure washer to work, you take more wisdom, know-how and back-up than any other equipment in the business. Give us a call and become part the Alkota family. We promise an actual human being will pick up the phone. Just the same as when we started.