AMCO 2M2217

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    2M2217A is mainly used for honing holes of cylinder body and sleeve holes for various engines and other accurate holes.
    1.Stepless of spindle turning feeding, reciprocating
    2.The short stroke machine can be used for making the workpiece conveniently
    3.The diameter of the honing head can be varied in the honing process according to the user need.
    Model 2M2217A
    Honing diameter range F40~F170mm
    Max. honing depth 300mm
    Telescopic length of spindle connecting
    rod 120mm
    Spindle speeds(four steps) 130,180,240,365 mm/min
    Spindle alternating motion speed(stepless) 3~18m/min
    Max. spindle travel 270mm
    Distance from spindle axis to column vertical plane 300mm
    Dimensions of the surface 400x1000mm
    Table longitudinal travel 800mm
    Machining  accuracy Roundness 0.003mm
    Cylindricity 0.005mm
    roughness Ra0.4
    Overall dimension 1900x1176x2169 mm
    Packing Size 1440x1770x2225 mm
    Net/Gross weight 2500/3000 kg
    Standard accessories:
    Honing head MT62 ( honing holes 62-82)
    Tool box
    Optional accessories:
    Honing head MT82 ( honing holes 82-110)
    Honing head MT110 ( honing holes 110-170)
    Honing head MT40 ( honing holes 40-62)

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    Xi'an Amco Machine Tools Co., Ltd.

    Xi’an AMCO Machine Tools Co., Ltd is a professional company who are specialized in producing, researching and developing and supplying all kinds of Machines and equipments. The products concerned include Engine Rebuilding Machine、Metal Forming machine、Metal Cutting Machine With several year experience in this field, AMCO machine tools has gained a deeply understanding of the quality of the machine in famous domestic manufacture, it help us to supply the most proper machine according to customer different requirements.

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