AMCO 3MB9817

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    3MB9817 is mainly used for honing single line engine cylinders and V-engine cylinders of automobiles ,motorcycles and tractors , and also for other machine element holes.
    1.The machine table can shift of the fixture change 0 degree, 30 degree and 45 degree
    2.The machine table is easily up and down manually 0-180mm.
    3.Reverse precision 0-0.4mm
    4.Select mesh-wire degree 0-90 or non-mesh-wire
    Model 3MB9817 3MB9808
    Max. diameter of hole honed
    25-170 mm 25-82mm
    Max depth of hole honed 320 mm 200mm
    Spindle speed 120, 160, 225, 290 rpm 200; 280rpm
    Stroke 35, 44, 65 s/min 19;27 s/min
    Power of main motor 1.5 kw 0.55kw
    Power of cooling pump motor 0.125 kw 0.09kw
    Machine working
    inside cavity dimensions
    1400x870 mm 600x380mm
    Overall dimensions mm 1890x1820x2150 600x850x195
    Machine weight 1000 kg 250kg

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    Xi'an Amco Machine Tools Co., Ltd.

    Xi’an AMCO Machine Tools Co., Ltd is a professional company who are specialized in producing, researching and developing and supplying all kinds of Machines and equipments. The products concerned include Engine Rebuilding Machine、Metal Forming machine、Metal Cutting Machine With several year experience in this field, AMCO machine tools has gained a deeply understanding of the quality of the machine in famous domestic manufacture, it help us to supply the most proper machine according to customer different requirements.

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