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    1. Cross sea longitudinal seam and horizontal and vertical seam.
    2. The speed of welding is quick and the efficiency of welding is high.
    3. According to the clients' demand, set the function of continuous weld and pulse weld.
    4. Equipped with a high reliability control box
    5. The welding speed can be regulated continuously.
    6. Suitable for the site for welding airproof vessel.

    Type FN-35
    Rated capacity 35KVA
    Rated input voltage Single phase 380V
    Rated input current 92A
    output idling voltage 4.2V
    Rated load cycle 50%
    Max.welding thickness(mm)for zinc steel 0.8+0.8
    Welding speed 0.8--3.2m/min
    Electrode moving 20mm
    The flow of cooling water 120L/H
    Welding arm length 350mm--1200mm(according customers deamands)
    Weight(kg) 470

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