BAILEIGH PR-403تتوفر في المخزن

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    طول البكر
    48 "
    أقصى سمك
    0.25 "
    HYD / الميكانيكية
    تدفق قدرة خلفى (نعم/لا
    قطر البكرة
    7.5 "
    7,000 LBS
  • نظرة عامة على المنتج

    Every shop needs a good ¼” mild steel roll former and the PR-403 from Baileigh Industrial is the perfect choice. The PR-403 plate roll has a maximum 4' forming width, which can roll up to 3 gauge (1/4” mild sheet steel. This plate roll machine is completely hydraulically driven for increased durability and reliability. This machine uses 3 hp motor that runs on 220 volts of 3 phase powers the industrial grade hydraulic system. The PR-403 has all 3 rolls are driven to help handle the capacity and finish the job faster. The PR-403 also has an optional coning attachment for creating conical bends.

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    Baileigh Industrial, Inc.

    Baileigh Industrial offers tube and pipe benders, tube and pipe notchers, roll benders, band saws, sheet metal brakes, ironworkers, cold saws, press brakes and more. We are pleased to offer you quality metal working machinery and sheet metal equipment throughout Canada, Mexico and the United States, as well as Eastern and Western Europe.

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