BAILEIGH SR-1220Mتتوفر في المخزن

  • المواصفات
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    طول البكر
    12 "
    أقصى سمك
    0.0359 "
    أقصى سمك (بالمقياس
    20 ga
    HYD / الميكانيكية
    قطر البكرة
    1.25 "
    32 LBS
  • نظرة عامة على المنتج

    Have you ever had a small project that your larger slip roll wouldn’t work for? That is where The SR-1220M slip roll from Baileigh Industrial really shines. But don’t be fooled by the SR-1220M slip rollers small stature, it can handle the job just like its larger brothers. Whether your metal forming in your garage or in a large fabrication shop, the SR-1220M is built for years of use.

  • عن الشركة
    Baileigh Industrial, Inc.

    Baileigh Industrial offers tube and pipe benders, tube and pipe notchers, roll benders, band saws, sheet metal brakes, ironworkers, cold saws, press brakes and more. We are pleased to offer you quality metal working machinery and sheet metal equipment throughout Canada, Mexico and the United States, as well as Eastern and Western Europe.

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