KGH 4.0B
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    Down stroking hammers are used for many kinds of applications, and are particularly suitable for small-to-medium sized parts. The sturdy, monoblock U-frame design, in conjunction with precise guides with a large surface area, provides high forging accuracy. The hydraulic down stroke drive permits high stroke rates combined with minimum contact times. The modern control system permits precise adjustment of the impact energy and stroke rate.

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    Schuler AG

    German manufacturer and exporter of automotive press technology, stamping and cutting technology, hydraulic press technology, forging technology, minting technology, packaging technology, drives and generators technology, automation, tool and die technology. Presses for forging, press hardening, hydroforming, conventional drawing, alternative conventional drawing, conventional drawing and redrawing, reverse drawing, reverse drawing and redrawing, embossing, punching, bending, and folding.

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To increase our production we are interested in your Beche Kgh 4.0B model hammer. We need exact information about built year, conditions, any repaired or seamed part, any missing or defect part, place which it was used before, location, your best…
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