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    The LB 13 Standard is the basic model of its line and permits notching with a fixed angle of 90°.

    lt guarantees clean cuts in all sheet metal thicknesses and high repetitive accuracy of the notchings. lt is also ideally suited for cuts on one side.

    Because of the special design of the LB 13 the blades achieve an extraordi-narily high life even when notching special steel.

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    Boschert GmbH + Co. KG

    The enterprise Boschert GmbH + Co KG established its international reputation through its notching and punching machine program and is well-known to every sheet-metal working company. Continuous development and integration of new ideas and pragmatically values have made the Boschert company the world-wide patentee of the folding joint. The company has also set new standards in the field of safety chuck techniques.

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