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    أقل سعة الثقب
    0.0938 "
    أقصى سعة الثقب
    1.25 "
    24" x 30" x 50"H
    285 (LBS)
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    Chester Machine Tools

    Brierley’s position as world leaders in drill grinding machines has been achieved not only by the excellence of the product, but also by an equally excellent service facility to support the many users throughout all sectors of industry. Activity in overseas markets has increased progressively over the years, and export orders now account for 60% of the company’s output. Machines are in regular production for the Americas, Continental Europe, the Far East and Middle East, the African Continent, Japan and other industrialised areas around the world. In each area there is an appointed distributor who will provide exactly the same standard of service that UK customers obtain from Brierley direct. These distributors take a sincere interest in Brierley machines and the companies that use them. Wherever you are in the world, the same high standard of product support is available. You, the customer, are the most important person in our organisation. We and our distributors will ensure that you remain a member of our team.

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