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    Byard Spiral Mill Sdn Bhd

    Our manufacturing plant for Spiral Pipe Mill and Off-line welding station situated in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, manufacturing for continuous Spiral Mill, downstream equipments - Hydrotester, Beveling Machine. Main Components are imported - Gear Boxes (Italy), Drive Rolls (South Korea), Electrics (Germany/Japan), Jactuators (USA), Bearing (Europe/Japan), Milling Cutters (Germany), Laser seam Tracking (Germany/Canada/USA). All electrical controls, Hydraulic are design and built using only the reputable names like Siemens, Telemechaique and Rexroth Vickers etc. for the hydraulics. Laser Vision - seam tracking provides precise torch position in the up/down and side way direction for Off-line Welding Station c/w laser camera, real time operating system, HMI running Window XP, Vision algorithms selections. Visit us in Malaysia, any time of the year to view Spiral Pipe Mill in manufacturing progress.

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