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    Changzhi Bigstars Metal-forming Machine Manufacturer Co.,Ltd

    Changzhi Bigstars Metal-Forming Machine Manufacturer Co., Ltd. located in the High-new development zone, Changzhi, Shanxi,which is the base of producing bending,correcting and metal-forming machine in China.The company occupies over 40000 square meters and has employee of over 200. The technology,structure and performance of machines can reach advanced international standards. A complete range of articles and specifications and diversified forms of products can meet different requirements of customers. Our key products include: 1. 3-roll plate bending machines, 4-roll plate bending machine, plate bending machine for wind power generation, plate bending machine only for shipyard, 2. 3-roll section bending machine, 4-roll section bending machine 3. hydraulic pipe bending machine, CNC Numerical control pipe bending machine, 4. plate straightening machines. 5. coil making machine Our machines can be widely used in such industries as electro-mechanics, chemical industries, pressure vessel, boiler, shipbuilding, wind power generation, steel construction and aviation, etc. Welcome to visit our company!