CHARMILLES Roboform 4000

Roboform 4000
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العلامة التجارية
CNC (Charmilles CNC Control w/ Color Screen)
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    مجموعة القدرة
    128 A
    الجدول الحجم-W
    22.05 "
    الجدول الحجم-L
    31.5 "
    حركة الأكس X
    17.72 "
    حركة الأكس Y
    12.6 "
    حركة الأكس Z
    16.14 "
    CNC (Charmilles CNC Control w/ Color Screen)
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    GF Machining Solutions LLC

    GF Machining Solutions is the world’s leading provider of machines and system solutions to the tool and mold making industry and to manufacturers of precision parts. GF Machining Solutions' products range from electric discharge machines (edm) and high-speed (hsm) and high-performance milling (hpm) centers, laser ablation machines through tooling, services, spare parts, wear parts and consumables to automation solutions. edm and hsm are the two key technologies in tool and mold making. they are indispensable in the manufacturing of molds and press tools for the series production of plastic, metal and glass parts and for the machining of high-quality precision components.

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