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    Chemetron Rail Welding Products & Services Chemetron has been manufacturing and operating electric flash-butt welders since 1957. Chemetron specializes in rail welding systems and equipment which have been successfully used around the world. Our experience as one of the largest contract service welders in North America enables us to design and manufacture equipment that consistently provides high quality and reliability. Our fixed plant and mobile welding unit's robust design and modern control systems provide our customers with the highest quality, most productive flash-butt welders in the industry. Chemetron welders have the most advanced process controls available in the market. Our computerized systems incorporate operating, quality and diagnostic software in a single package. From our touch-screen interface to the detailed self-diagnostics and quality assurance processes, Chemetron welding systems are designed to be reliable and user friendly. Our welders can be equipped with modems, allowing our technicians to assist with troubleshooting and software updates without the need for a field visit. Supplementing our welding systems is our fleet of continuously welded rail trains, rail unloading and specialized welding support equipment. Whether you are looking for contract service or purchase, Chemetron Fixed Plant, Equipment and Mobile Welders all provide the quality, productivity and reliability only available from Chemetron.

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