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    السعة (ga)
    14 gauge
    الطول الكلي
    150"L x 48"W x 57"H
    5500 (LBS)
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    Standard, Box & Pan, and Power Leaf Brakes. Chicago Dreis & Krump brings power and convenience to its legendary hand brake family because sometimes, for some jobs, you can save time and money with a little extra muscle.

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    Chicago Dreis & Krump Company

    Chicago Dreis & Krump began servicing the metalworking industry in 1899. Many things have changed since 1899, but Dreis & Krump has never wavered from supplying quality machines to the metalworking industry. Call American Machine Tools Company about any Chicago Dreis & Krump machines such as: * sheet metal hand brakes * sheet metal box&pan finger brakes * hydraulic press brakes * hydraulic shears * hydraulic powered leaf brakes * electric powered leaf brakes * slip rolls and plate rolling machines. * The parts department has been known to provide user assistance for machines exceeding 60 years of age. we hope that you ask yourself, who will be around when you need help? American Machine Tools Company is ready to help you with any Chicago Dreis & Krump sheet metal working machinery.

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