COE CPR 10000

CPR 10000
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    Coe Press Equipment Corporation

    coe press equipment corporation commenced business in michigan in 1976, manufacturing and selling air feeds and coil cradles. in 1980, the operation moved to a larger facility in sterling heights, michigan, and their product line expanded to include coil reels and power straighteners. their customer base has continued to grow as coe press equipment concentrated on being a service-first operation. in 1982, coe press equipment introduced their first servo feed. this technology launched them into their own line of servo feed controls and eventually set them on their current path of producing customized packages and complete automated feed lines. through the 1980's coe press equipment set itself apart from its competitors by joint venturing projects with press automation companies such as gemco, data instruments, weldatron and others. although commonplace today, coe press equipment was the first servo feed manufacturer to develop a single point entry interface, which sets up feed line parameters directly through the press controls and allows operators access to the system through just one point of entry. coe press equipment has also been a pioneer in the design of servo feeds, as the first manufacturer to develop and market a servo feed driven by a non-stretch kevlar timing belt and low inertia aluminum anodized pulleys. coe press equipment has continued its expansion into the 1990's with the design of bigger, more comprehensive coil processing lines. coe press equipment now designs and manufactures larger and wider pieces that it might not have undertaken in earlier days. with dedicated research and development along with the introduction of the servomaster series of roll feeds, the company is now moving toward the new century, maintaining its dominant leadership position and steady growth within the marketplace. coe press equipment supplies and services a wide variety of markets and industries, both domestic and abroad. our current clients include tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers to the automakers, direct automotive accounts, appliance manufacturers, lighting manufactures, metal processing facilities, the housewares industries, and many others.

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