CWT VB5000

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    The VB5000 is typically configured for single-plane balancing; a dual-plane upgrade is available. One unique feature of the VB5000 is its ability to do "split-drilling". This is useful, for example, when a spin analysis determines that a drilling point would be in an area you do not want to drill - i.e. where a mount hole or weak area on the application might be present. In this case, the on-screen controls allow the technician to select "multi-drill" and make two smaller drill points in a "V" configuration from where the original "heavy" point was on the application.

    All of this is extremely easy to perform with CWT's proprietary computer-controlled on-board touch screen software!

    This machine is not just limited to automotive flywheels. CWT has the engineering capability, know-how, and experience to custom build a machine for any application. From large fans to turbine applications and much more, CWT can balance it.

    "Remember, If it rotates, you can balance it!"™

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    CWT Industries

    CWT is a brick and mortar business that features in house design, engineering, computer software development, and CNC machining, welding, painting, and shipping preparation for our products. We specialize in balancing. Our capabilities mean that if you have an application that rotates which can benefit from balancing, we can most likely develop a product that can help you meet your goals.

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