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    DANOBAT drilling and thermal cutting iDP+ machine provides a solution more productive, effective and of higher quality in the manufacturing of steel structure industry.

    Drilling and thermal cutting is an autonomous machine which combines two technologies in one head, the drilling head wich performs drilling, external reaming, the heads of the allen wrenches, threading, center pointint and marking. Thermal cutting has a high speed torch which allows to perform operations such as in-cutting, chamfering, undercutting.

    Due to this configuration, with a single clamping of the component by means of horizontal and vertical clamps, is possible to perform all the mentioned operations with the different types of materials used in the UPN steel structure, angles, beams, plates.

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    Danobat , which forms part of Mondragon Corporation, is one of Europe's leading machine tool manufacturers. the products manufactured by Danobat are classified in the following technologies: turning machines, hard turning machines, grinding machines and hybrid machines. With more than 600 employees, danobat aims is to provide the market with hi-tech machinery and turnkey solutions. Danobat has its own technological research and development centre, ideko. This is where it carries out the specialised innovation and creation of state-of-the-art machine tool products.

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