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    Dengensha America

    In 1985 Dengensha America opened its doors and grew quickly as the demand for Dengensha equipment spread from plant to plant across North America. Today, Dengensha America has five offices and provides sales and service information in English and Spanish. But that’s only half of the story. It was over 75 years ago, in 1935, that our parent company, Dengensha Manufacturing, was founded in Japan. From its origins in Japan, Dengensha has grown to be a supplier for automotive plants worldwide as well as many other large and small manufacturers. Dengensha’s global headquarters are still in Japan, and its affiliate companies are in the U.S., Indonesia and the U.K. Both our 25th and 75th anniversaries are your assurance of expert service to the automotive industry in the Americas, and an even longer heritage of engineering expertise and global partners.