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    Dixon Automatic Tool Inc

    Dixon Automatic Tool designs and builds automated assembly machinery. Specializes in applying fasteners by using robotic assembly, automatic screwdrivers, nut drivers, part placers, auto-feed part pressing stations, pin presses, grease zerk drivers, feed systems, and controls. Standard Dixon stations can be tooled for customized applications. Keywords: Auto-fed, auto fed, autofed, automated assembly, automation equipment, bowl-fed, bowl feeder, dial table, hopper, orienter, feed system, inline feeder, stud driver, cap placer, pick and place, pin placer, robots, screw torque, torque readout, toque read out, torque control, Stoeger Automation, Stöger Automation, Drive Perfect® , Torque Perfect® , Press Perfect® , Place Perfect® , Assemble Perfect® , Perfect Solutions® , Load Perfect®

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