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    38" x 49" x 67"
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    AMX floor standing machines are specifically designed for unique polishing, delayering and planarization applications where R&D, prototype and small volume processing is required.

    These machines have the kinematics and control to allow development of processes that require precise material removal, flatness and surface finish generation. The menu-driven microprocessor control allows any polishing, delayering or planarization process to be fully optimized. And, for true CMP kinematics, the oscillation system provides 3-axis motion.

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    Engis Corporation

    Engis provides full system solutions for flat lapping and precision bore finishing applications. We supply not only the capital equipment and machine accessories but a full range of tools and consumables. In addition to our Single Pass Bore Finishing Process, we now also offer multi-stroke honing systems. Our process develop labs can assist you with your flat lapping and precision honing requirements at no charge.

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