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    57” (W) x 39” (D) x 63” (H)
    2646 (LBS)
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    The Engis EHG Horizontal Grinding machines are the perfect companion when back-thinning or preparing wafers such as sapphire, silicon carbide and gallium nitride. These unique systems are designed to economically surface grind, as well as back-side grind, LED wafers to the highest level of flatness and surface finish, saving time and labor costs.

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    Engis Corporation

    Engis provides full system solutions for flat lapping and precision bore finishing applications. We supply not only the capital equipment and machine accessories but a full range of tools and consumables. In addition to our Single Pass Bore Finishing Process, we now also offer multi-stroke honing systems. Our process develop labs can assist you with your flat lapping and precision honing requirements at no charge.

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