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    Ercolina’s CE70H3 angle roll w/manual 3 axis twist has hydraulic center roll positioning with manual anti-twist correction system for angle iron “Leg In” applications (hydraulic system is optional).

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    Welcome to CML International S.p.A., manufacturer of Ercolina tube, pipe and profile bending machinery. We are pleased to offer our customers the highest quality tube and pipe benders and related metal fabrication equipment available today. Ercolina’s affordable tubing benders and fabricating machinery are designed to reliably and accurately produce your applications increasing profit, improving product quality and finish. CML International S.p.A. has experienced sales, service and support staff that is helpful and can offer positive application solutions for today’s fabricator. CML International SpA markets and services Ercolina product through our worldwide network of trained distributors and with additional support from our branch offices Italy, United States, Germany, and Korea.

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