ESPRIT HD 2000-2

HD 2000-2
العلامة التجارية
  • المواصفات
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    خفض العرض
    78.74 "
    قطع طول
    236.2 "
    قدرة البلازما
    200 a
  • عن الشركة
    Esprit Automation Ltd

    Esprit Automation Ltd. is the largest uk manufacturer of cnc plasma and oxy-fuel plate cutting machinery. Our Lightning, Arrow, Viper and Cobra machines are fitted with Hypertherm plasma systems and a range of ancilliary equipment including plate marking systems. We supply genuine Hypertherm plasma consumables at competitive prices for same-day despatch. Procut software completes the Esprit range of products. This industry standard windows cad/cam system provides a complete software solution for the profiling industry.

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