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    The low-cost way to point, reduce and form rod, tube or wire
Swaging is a special type of forging in which metal is formed by a rapid succession of hammer blows. It is easily the most economical method ever employed to point tubing, rod, and wire for redraw – and to size, reduce, shape, taper, bond or form metal parts, hot or cold. Metal is formed – not machined – so there are no wasteful chips. Swaging actually improves grain structure giving the part greater strength and an unusually fine finish.

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    Fenn provides a complete line of metal forming equipment. The engineered line of equipment includes Wire Flattening and Shaping Mills, Rolling Mills, Turks Heads, and Drawbenches. The Industrial product offering includes Torin Spring Coilers and Swaging Machines. Over the years, Fenn has worked very closely with many of its customers to develop lines specifically suited to their requirements and to achieve higher efficiencies and production. Operating in this way, Fenn engineers have accumulated a wealth of experience in the design and building of special equipment for the metal working industry.

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